A Really Useful Party

August 10th, 2014 10:01 PM -05

Last Monday was kiddo’s third birthday, so we had her party on Saturday, August 2nd.

For the past two years, I’ve busted my bootie trying to put together the perfect party elements.  I spent weeks scouring various sites and stores looking for the right decorations.  As guests would arrive, I’d be scurrying about trying to do 500 last-minute things.  It was exhausting.

This year was totally different.  Having a theme like Thomas the Train made everything so much easier.  I stocked up on Thomas goodies at Party City and bought her a Thomas dress via etsy (because stores with Thomaswear don’t offer girl selections grrrrr).

Normally, the food is a big ordeal.  Instead of ordering food from a handful of places while still making dishes of my own, I kept it super simple.  Save the cupcakes, I got all the snacks at HEB (hummus, guacamole, cheese, fruit).  Rather than using my white servware platters, I put everything in aluminum tins made to look like train cars.   I spent far more time printing out the DIY cupcake toppers than I did putting out the food (damn you, printer jams!)

This was the first party ever that I was completely done before all the guests arrived.  It was Calgontastic.  Everything was in place.  Well, except for the serving spoons I forgot to put out until the shindig was almost over… oops.   And then there was the cute little sign I put on the water dispenser with arrows indicating how to turn the spout on and off.  Yeah, only I reversed them.  Special, huh?  But, eh, it was still good times.

We loved watching Em play about with her friends and cousins.  At her past two parties, our little introvert has stayed fairly quiet, observing the activity around her.  This year, she was an active participant.  I have to give her major kudos for being such a trooper.  After watching Dan and I prep for the party all morning, she awoke from nap to find a display of cupcakes she couldn’t eat followed by a houseful of kiddos playing with her stuff.  I expected meltdowns o’ rama and dreaded bedtime.

But she was fabulous.  And though it took an hour for her to fall asleep that night, she spent the entire time clapping and singing.

Lesson learned.  K.I.S.S.

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