The Post Before It’s August Already

July 30th, 2014 10:51 PM -05

July: a month in bullet points!

  • Planning 20th 10th high school class reunion with two friends.  It’s been challenging at times, but we’re a good team!
  • Assembling Em’s room.   We just need to paint the dresser, install the chandelier, assemble the dollhouse bookcase, paint and install bookshelves and affix the wall decals.  That’s all. 😉
  • Working. Working.  And more working.  Especially on piddly projects that take way too much time and effort.
  • Getting ready for Em’s 3rd birthday party this weekend, but that’ll get it’s own post.

The other day, Dan was getting stoked over the holiday season.  It sounded odd, because it seems so far off.  But it really isn’t.

I’ll probably get around to posting Em’s party wrap-up just about then. 😉

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