Let Me See What You’re Workin’ With

June 14th, 2014 7:05 PM -05

I am a visual person.  I’m that girl who has to move the couch around five times before knowing where I want it.

To avoid the hassle of buying and returning things that may not work for Em’s toddler room, I drew a scale model using Illustrator.  This raised several unexpected questions:

  • Should I place her bed facing the door, even though that’s the death position in Feng Shui?  Sure, Em knows nothing about Feng Shui.  But her paranoid, superstitious mom does.  Bed will face another direction.

  • Dresser: 3 or 6 drawers?  I hadn’t even entertained a 6-drawer dresser until I re-read this Young House Love post.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized we’d make great use of the extra drawers.

  • Desk or Table?  I wanted to get her a desk, but I really enjoy sitting with her while coloring/reading.  I briefly considered getting her a small vanity, but paranoid premonitions of fostering self-image issues helped me nix that idea fairly quickly.

  • Round or Rectangle Table?  I really like the look of a 29″ round table, but I think the smaller 29″ x 19″ rectangular Sundvik table will work better.  We already have one in our living room, so I’ll hold off buying a second one until everything’s in the room.  Once that happens, I may sneak a round back in.

Five hundred gazillion mom hours and second guesses later, I think I’ve found the most optimal configuration, complete with sleep, dressing and play zones as well as a cozy reading corner:

Of course, it’s Mercury Retrograde, so I could easily toss this out once I purchase everything this week.

Next weekend, I paint the walls.  I haven’t painted a room in a LONG time.  Please wish me lots of luck.

And feel free to bring me margaritas. 😉

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