Mother of All Cleaning Days

May 11th, 2014 3:43 PM -05

This weekend, we were to pack up and head to Austin for a family birthday party.

And then plague hit me hard.  I assumed we’d just all stay home, but Dan had other plans.  He decided he would proceed as planned but single parent it.   I was not enthused with this course.   Em isn’t a fan of car trips and can be a handful when tired.  Add to it all the actual baggage required for her care, and it’s a lot for one person to handle.  Then, I remembered the last Austin trip and all its drama.

But Dan insisted.  He knew she would have lots of fun with her cousins, but I think he was more concerned about me getting better. This has been the worst plague I’ve had in a long time.  I told him I’d feel guilty if they were gone and I sat on my ass.  I’ve been saying forever “if I just had the whole day to myself, I could get so much accomplished in this house.”  I argued that if he went to the party, I’d just sit but if I stayed home, I’d work.  His response  was to tell me to sit on my butt and save the cleaning for another weekend.  I agreed.

I briefly considered booking a pedicure and getting my eyebrows threaded, but my chronic cough nixed that.   With a BFF girlie day planned for the 24th, it wasn’t a big disappointment.  Within 20 minutes of their Saturday 11:30am departure, I was knee deep in Junk Room Right.   It had become a clusterfudgle with the stuff I’d thrown in haphazardly before slamming the door shut behind me.  I tackled that clutter and even managed to encase my wedding dress, a task that took  a mere 4-1/2 years…

Once finished with JRR, I moved into Junk Room Left, removing batteries from toys headed for storage and whittling down clutter.   We’ve decided that this will be Em’s toddler room, so I spent the most time in there.   Once Dan moves all the remaining baby gear, all we’ll need to do is paint!   Three trash bags and two donation bin runs later, I moved onto dusting, vacuuming and laundering.  I followed that with a grocery store run before settling in for the night.

I spent the evening going through old CD-Rs filled with old messages, Bar study outlines, resumes and photos.   It was pretty funny reading through it all and shaking my head.   Oh, to be 27 again with the knowledge of my 34 year old self!

After finally getting my first night of  cough-free sleep, I awoke at 6:36am.  I tried going back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening.   Dan, Emme and I Facetimed before I started my day of laundry, pot roast prep and errands.  Now, I’m just sitting on the couch awaiting their arrival.

Most people wouldn’t consider it a “relaxing” weekend, but I do.  I got to knock out some big tasks on my punch list.  And I didn’t have to do them in short one-hour bursts while trying to juggle a kiddo or hear her calling for me.   I love the little booger, but she’s pretty adamant about being the center of attention.   I’m letting her have that for now.   Hopefully, this time next year, she’ll be on the verge of learning how to share her spotlight with a sibling.

And if not, well, then we’ll spend Mother’s Day doing something fun.  Like space-planning an office/guest room space for Junk Room Right.  🙂

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