Stem Sale

May 3rd, 2014 9:15 PM -05

You know those things you have just to have but never use?  I want those out of my house.

All of them.

Pressed for storage space, I started scouring cabinets for purge potential.  This was my stemware cabinet this afternoon:

When Dan and I combined households, we had the Brady Bunch of barware; his and hers martini, wine, champagne and various other glasses.  Rather than pare down in 2009 when we bought the house, we moved everything.   The more the merrier right?

Fastforward five years and our priorities have changed.  Our sippy cup stash outnumbers our shot glass collection.  I decided it was time to make room for baby toddler.   Well, namely her easily accessed toddler craft obsessions that have caused way too many tantrums.  We’ve barely touched most of these glasses.   I took the ones we do use (Dan’s high balls and sniffers…ha!) and moved them closer to our everyday glasses.

This is my brand spankin’ new stemware/craft supplies/vitamins cabinet:

So now I have three boxes of barware ready to find a new home.  I considered putting them in our annual garage sale stash, but we’d be lucky to get $20 from our frugal shoppers.  I’d rather they be gone.  Now.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll put them on the curb with sign that reads “FREE.”

Followed by an “ing” written in invisible ink.

Update (05/04/2014):  This morning, as I planned to drag my now plague-ridden self outside to curb the glassed, the hubs said he would prefer we donate them to Goodwill.   It being Sunday, I stashed them in the garage until I can drag my plague-ridden self to a drop off location.   But they’re out of the house, and that totally counts.  😉

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