April 10th, 2014 10:02 PM -05

Dan’s been wanting a chair for the manroom to replace the leather loveseat he regretted buying.

Dan is very, very tall.
The manroom is very, very small.
I am Dan, Dan I am
I do not like the Klippan.

My husband is my decorating antipode.  I prefer a traditional, neutral, warm aesthetic.  I lubs me a good greige! He appreciates contemporary meets mid-century modern design.  For his manroom seating, he initially considered an Jacobsen Egg-style chair
But those are pretty pricey.   After some Windows shopping and a trip to IKEA, he decided on the Strandmon, a classic wingback chair.   He typically gravitates toward bold colors, so he surprised me further by selecting gray over orange.

Unfortunately, the chair was too big for our cars.  My DIY hubs had plans to rent a Home Depot truck, but I was able to sneak out Tuesday night to buy the Chair, Ottoman and a Mongstad Mirror via IKEA’s Picking and Delivery service.   While it was frustrating dealing with the IKEA version of Bevis and Butthead, I was stoked at the idea of surprising Dan.  I even went so far on Wednesday night to measure his wall in front of him, saying “Yeah, I think that chair you want would work…”   I’d already measured that wall.  I knew it would work.

The delivery guys came mid-morning, giving me ample time to unpack and assemble while Em napped.   When he got home and walked into his manroom, Em yelled “Surprise!”   He looked genuinely surprised.

As I type this, he is watching television comfortably in his chair.   Ya know, after I made him get up so I could take pictures for this blog entry. 😉

3 Responses to “Surprïse!”

  1. Dan says:

    Oh my, what a handsome room!

  2. Dani says:

    Love that chair! Sat in it a couple months ago and declared it to be The Best Chair Ever. Case in point:

  3. tara says:

    Awesome in blue, too! Then you must visit so that you can sit in it!

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