Bunny Bait

March 29th, 2014 9:37 PM -05

When making my Halloween pumpkin wreaths, I got the idea to use the remaining orange tulle for Easter carrot wreaths.

I’d seen plenty of these online:

While I respect the crafthusiasm that went into those wreaths, I wanted foof-free carrots.   Zip it , spell check, “foof” is too a word.

I went to a crafting megastore for Styrofoam rectangles, plastic greenery and floral wire. If the rectangle forms didn’t work, I would just fashion my own frame from the floral wire.  Easy breezy beautiful cover girl!  Bless my little heart.

During my first attempt, I learned:

  1. Thick Styrofoam sheets aren’t so easy to cut, whether using a serrated or utility knife.
  2. Styrofoam sheds like a bitc…bunny.
  3. Tulle sticks to Styrofoam like a bitc…dust bunny.
  4. The tulle was too tranparent.  No matter how many layers I used, Styrofoam was visible.  No problemo!  I whipped out kiddo’s orange tempera paints and slathered it on.
  5. Styrofoam sucks up paint like Justin Bieber inhales Crunch ‘N Munchies at truck stops. AKA a bitch.
  6. Wet Styrofoam brings a wreath project to a grinding halt.

The paint looked ridiculous, and I needed a barrier between the Styrofoam and tulle.  A quick trip to Arne’s scored a $1.99 disposable orange vinyl tablecloth and a tulle alternative:  sparkly orange mesh for $5.99.

During my second attempt I learned:

  1. Orange table cloth material is awesome and easily staple gunned into Styrofoam.
  2. Sparkly wire mesh is awesome but would trump a staple gun in an expanded version of Rock-Scissors-Paper.  I could wrap the mesh with ease but couldn’t attach it.

That’s when I turned to the interwebs.   I read traditional wreath tutorials and uncovered the secret:  pipe cleaners.  As a toddler wrangler with delusions of grandeur, I have a gazillion colorful pipe cleaners.  I wove the pipe cleaner through, corseting the mesh and creating a hanging loop:

I inserted the greenery, made a second wreath, attached the greatest invention since running water (Command Hooks) and voila!

Bring it,  Eassa Bunny.  Bawk! Bawk!

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