It’s About That Time

February 13th, 2014 9:43 PM -05

During this Mercury Retrograde, I…

  • Clogged the disposal requiring a plumber’s visit
  • Stockpiled laundry for 5 days because of a busted dryer heating coil (luckily, Dan fixed it, requiring no repairman fee$)
  • Had a low tire warning that had to be redressed during a cold rain
  • Grated my thumb instead of butter
  • Burned myself cooking…three times
  • Botched a deadline for a potential preschool by missing the mandatory pre-application tour.  Em didn’t have a good chance of getting in, because it’s a very small school within a tight knit community.  But, still, I really wish I’d met the deadline.  That said, you can bet I’ll be the first application in for the 2015-16 school year.

And we’re only one week in.

But Mercury Retrograde isn’t completely ominous.  While it’s a hellacious time to buy big ticket items or start major projects, it’s a great time for several things like tackling unfinished business. So that’s what I’m trying to do by…

  • Scheduling a structural engineer consult for our ever-settling pier & beam house
  • Arranging for our weather-beaten front doors to be sanded and painted this weekend
  • Making punch lists  for future projects (to be started post-Mercury Retrograde
  • Staving off unnecessary dramarama
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Organizing, organizing, organizing
  • Getting back to my Power90
  • Thanking the cosmos for listening to me last week when I made a work-related wish that came true. Wahoo!

The one thing that has me worried is an impending car service appointment.  I always get nervous that the dealership will uncover a costly repair requiring immediate attention on my now 7-1/2 year old Felix.

I’m going to pull a Little Engine That Could and repeat the mantra “$30 to inspect! $30 for spiffy brakes! Other money they will not take!!!”

Yeah, and maybe I should add ” watching less Thomas and Friends” to my list… 😉

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