The Making of a Bitchin’ Kitchen

December 30th, 2013 9:39 PM -05

I started planning this grand kitchen project months ago.

I scoured Pinterest and online design sites for inspiration and cost-saving DIY tips.  I combed through catalogs and made multiple IKEA trips.   I measured and remeasured every wall.  I mapped out all the must-haves.  But two things became apparent almost immediately:

  1. I wasn’t going to get the kitchen of my dreams
  2. This wasn’t going to be a simple one-stop-shop purchase with a straight-outta-the box installation.

And wouldn’t know that the design that moved me most was most expensive of all. (Story of my life!)

It was so very perfect, matching our home’s aesthetic so well.  I tried to ignore its existence, searching unsuccessfully for equally awesome less expensive routes.  I was ready to commit to a prefab option that had all the key components but would require lots of cabinet sanding and resurfacing.  That’s when Dan surprised me by saying we should go with the vintage-inspired design I’d wanted all along.  He says it’s because he was willing to pay more for quality construction.  But I think the desire to have me shut my yap about all the kitchen details was a big factor. 😉

The perfect design was not without flaw.  Some architectural limitations meant forgoing one component: a refrigerator.   Eh, no biggie.   I’d just make my own.  What? Never made your own refrigerator!?!  Yeah, I hadn’t either.  So I scrapped the fridge and opted for a pantry.  It took two nights for Dan and me to assemble everything.  We awoke pre-dawn on Christmas morning, crossing our fingers that everything would work out well.

We’re pretty sure its resident chef is happy with the outcome.


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