“By Ewic Cawl”

November 16th, 2013 9:41 PM -05

So I’m sitting on my bootie after a long day thinking “Hmm…what to do on the interwebs….”

Then, I remembered I had a blog!  Hey, I’m getting old.  I really need to take Ginko, but I keep forgetting to buy it.  Badumbum!

What’s ganooz… let’s see…  I’m sticking with my FTS regiment.   I’m proud to say that I haven’t missed any Power90 days.   Neither severe back pain nor a killer migraine stopped me from my downward dog-plank-warrior-to-crescent yoga torture challenge!


I’ve only lost 8 pounds because I haven’t been great at sticking to the diet portion.   I keep forgetting to drink water and started skipping meals, which is almost as detrimental to weight loss as overeating.   Take today, our human alarm clock woke me at 5:20.  I eventually put on a pot of coffee and went grocery shopping.  By the time I returned, cleaned the house, fed the kiddo and put her down for nap, it was 12:45 before I ate two eggs.   Insane.

And then I went to a 3 year old’s birthday party today.  On Saturday,  I ate through 1-1/2 empanadas, 1-1/2 tamales, chips & guacamole and one piece of chocolate cake.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so you know what that means…

I’ll need to eat through one nice green leaf.   😉



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