F’n F.T.S.

November 8th, 2013 9:00 PM -05

So I kicked off my F.T.S program rather abruptly on October 28th.

I’d spent the preceding weekend being totally miserable in my too-tight pants and just about had a heart attack when I weighed myself (hello, denial!).   I decided to start with nixing the four F’d up things I’d let back into my life on a regular basis:

  1. Fast Food
  2. Fromage (okay, all dairy)
  3. Fizzy Fructose (Diet Coke)
  4. Frappucinos

After omitting those things, my next step was to order Tony Horton’s Power 90 series.  I compared all the BeachBody workouts, read reviews and opted to go with this 90 day, 4-phase fitness bootcamp that incorporates cardio and sculpting.   It arrived later in the week, so I pegged Monday, November 4th as my start date.   I’d wanted to do the Dr. Oz 3-day Juice Detox before starting, but I didn’t have time to get my produce before the weekend started.  Plus, I needed a last pancake hoorah with my BFF.

I got up this past Monday, ready to get this party started.  After a few technical difficulties, I delved into the Cardio Level 1-2 video.   Holy effinchwyst. I had trouble from the get-go.   The warm up was hell and “Power Yoga” with its sadistic plank – push up-downward dog combos.  But I stuck with it.  The next day was Sculpt Level 1-2.   With Ab Ripper.   I’m calling it Ab Reaper, because it just about killed me.   The Sculpt video requires resistance bands.  Resistance bands are appropriately named as I can easily resist them.  Can you tell I’m not an exercise fan?

But I made it through my first official week.  Saturday will be my rest day.  I’m making Friday night my “cheat meal.”   I’m a big proponent of a weekly cheat meal.  When I lost a bunch of weight in 2003, I hit a plateau until my BFF and I started getting a cheeseburger, fries and a banana split every Friday night.   Granted, I should probably start them when I’ve made more progress, but I’ve lost 6 pounds since 10/28, and I kept tonight’s cheat reasonable (cashew chicken with veggies and veggie fried rice.) What I really wanted was Tony’s beef enchiladas, a pint of queso and 3 margaritas. When Dan said he wanted Chinese, I was relieved.  He had no clue he was saving me from myself!

Part of me feels like I need to do more.  I’m so used to carb elimination diets (South Beach, Candida Detox), that it’s weird eating carbs (fruit, legumes) this early.   I’ll see how successful I can be at mastering moderation.   If I don’t see bigger results after two weeks of Tony Horton torture, I’ll incorporate some good ol’ South Beach Phase I butt-kicking.

So wish me luck.  I’m going to need it.  Especially since I’m the genius who decided to change my eating habits during the holiday season.

Yeah, this year, I’m the turkey.

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