October 13th, 2013 6:40 PM -05

Today, I…

  • Did penance for laundry slacking last week by washing and folding 7 of 8 loads.  I’m saving one for tomorrow – Bath Mat Monday!  Yeah, I know.  Try to contain your excitement.
  • Went to Babies R Us for a super quick trip for miracle worker Diaper Boosters.  Instead, I spent 30 minutes testing potential Christmas toys.   The mom already annoyed with her grab-happy kids whining for some Disney pirate toys was not thrilled with me pushing the buttons on various Wiggles toys.  She gave me a look similar to one with constipation.   Looks like someone needs to eat more fiber-rich fruit salad…

  • Disassembled the kiddo’s Austin Air Baby’s Breath machine only to realize we needed the $21 replacement pre-filter and not the $250 permanent one.  Whew.
  • Registered the kiddo for her winter music class session.
  • Cooked a dinner even the kiddo liked.  I’m getting better at following recipe instructions… Sort of.  Last night, I baked Smitten Kitchen chocolate chip cookies .  The recipe said to remove the cookies from the oven after 18 minutes.  The cookies were ginormous.  Clearly, they meant 25-30 minutes right?   No, they meant 18.  Need a hockey puck? Or a dozen?
  • Renewed my vehicle registration.
  • Gave hubs all the info he needs to get me a car insurance quote from his carrier.  After checking his new rates after having bought a new car, we discovered I pay twice as much as he does annually.  That is not cool with me.  Time to switch!
  • Cleaned out the kiddo’s closet, replacing her 12-18 month clothes with the 18-24/2T clothes that had been housed in her “Too Big Bin.”  Apparently, I bought her some great clearance stuff at last winter’s end.  I have no memory of doing so.   Merry Christmas, me!
  • But my biggest accomplishment of all…   I showered, put on makeup and wore something other than yoga pants (for a few hours) on a Sunday.


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