October 5th, 2013 8:14 PM -05

Thanks to some helpful Facebook feedback, I got great ideas for reinventing the pumpkin wreaths.

Atop the input, a serendipitous trip to an alternate Hobby Lobby resulted in me scoring the orange chevron burlap ribbon that I’d wanted but had sold out at the previous location.

This afternoon, I gave my wreaths a little sprucing up with a nip here…a tuck there…

Presenting (drum roll) my Dr. 90210‘d pumpkins:

Etsy-worth, they are not.  But I’m happy with them!  Not to shabby for a newbie eh?

Did I just type “eh?”  I need to stop watching HGTV before I start talking about “cold rooms” and “bachelor ren-ohs.”

Now for my next outdoor tszuj project:  locating a size-appropriate mat for our front double doors that isn’t $500 and/or überscheezy.

It’s either that or hire a tiny door man.

With a penchant for wreath styling.

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