My Fashion Doppelganger

May 7th, 2013 1:35 PM -05

For the past couple of weeks at music class, another mom and I have worn the same article of Target clothing, a gray pocket V-neck tee and a gray cocoon cardigan.  Here’s a visual:

Only, I look like a schleppy mom and she looks fabulous.   While I use my sweater to cover my chubbamunk arms under a tank with dark denim bootcut jeans, she wore it atop a white camisole with orange cords, an orange bib necklace and matching earrings. Sounds funky, but it worked!

With my v-neck tee, I wore the same jeans.  The same jeans I wear every day.  I have two pairs that get rotated and reworn until the kiddo stains and schmears form the words “WASH ME!”   Yeah, I’m sexy and I know it.  She wore the t-shirt over well-fitting yoga pants.  Not the kind of faded, threadbare yoga pants that I wore around the house for oh…8 months following Emme’s birth.  We’re talking the kind of yoga pants that actually see a real, live yoga class.  I know, they do exist!   Prior to her wearing those pants, I couldn’t tell if she were just naturally “thick” or a chunky monkey like me.  Now I know – she’s just thick but fit.  Bitch.

So now I need two things happen:

  1. I need to get my FTS on ASAP so that I can look equally fabulous in my Target frocks.
  2. My living, breathing Pinterest fashion board that is this woman must sign up for the music class summer session, so I can continue to get outfit ideas.

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