A Spring in My Step

March 17th, 2013 8:32 PM -05

In addition to the awesome Spring weather we’re having (not so fast, Summer!), here are five simple things I currently heart…

1.  I’m very much a fan of Pantone‘s color of the year, Emerald Green.   I’m coveting the Sephora-Pantone nail polish collaboration:

2.  I snagged a pair of navy Chooka Duck Skimmers at Costco for $24.99 when they retail elsewhere for $65+.  Wahoo!  These things are so comfortable and great for chasing the kiddo through wet grass.    The bad thing?  Now I want red ones.  And yellow ones.  And, oh yeah, the green ones.  Costco only offers navy and black.  Oh well, at least I have these babies!

3.  My latest Starbucks obsession:  Venti Decaf Soy Coffee Frappucino with a pump of Sugar-Free Hazelnut syrup.  After seeing their latest Hazelnut Macchiato offering, I spontaneously opted for the hazelnut infusion.  And it was good.  So good.  Too good.  Yeah, by adding that shot I piled on more calories to the ones I shouldn’t be drinking in the first place.  I’d look up just how many, but my Starbucks app keeps shutting down.  The coffee gods are enablers like that.


4. Trader Joe’s Tulips.  They’re $4.99 for a 10-stem bunch.  That’s an awesome deal considering Whole Foods charges $9.99 for 10 stems and HEB charges $6.99 for 7 stems.  How do I know this?  Because as much as I love tulips, they do not love my window-clad house that gets full Texas sun.  I won’t spend much on flowers that I know won’t last long. I bought 3 bunches last Sunday that managed to last until the leaves started falling off yesterday.  You’ve got my fleur business, Trader Joe’s!

5.  I love me some “Nashville.” It’s the new “Dallas” (the old one, not the current bastardized version).  Even though it stars Hayden Pantytears, she does a great job playing a Taylor Swift meets Miranda Lambert pop-country princess you want to slap but end up thinking “that poor girl needs a hug.”  Whoever cast this show did an amazing job.  And while every episode contains at least one musical montage, they do a damn good job slipping in some awesome plot twists.   The last 15 minutes typically illicit a verbal response from me, be it a gasp or a cheer.


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