Christmas 2012

December 26th, 2012 9:36 PM -05

This was probably the least stressful Christmas I’ve had in years.

Before Em was born, I spent the weeks leading up to Christmas running around like crazy trying to find “the” perfect gift for over two dozen friends and family members. Last year, I just wasn’t in the fa la la spirit.   I went through the motions of wrapping presents and putting up the tree, but my sleep-deprived, new mom self just wanted the holiday to come and go.

This year was totally different.  I got my Christmas chutzpah back.  I decorated the tree, made Em’s felt tree, slapped together a Christmas centerpiece and even decked our outdoor halls with poinsettias, wreaths, velvet bows and lights galore.

I committed to buying all presents online with the exception of some kiddo presents for Emme’s cousins I amassed while Targeting Saturday morning and a super-duper stud finder for Dan’s dad I serendipitously scored on a trip to Lowe’s.  I had intentions of baking, but after my first batch of botched Mexican Wedding Cookies, I axed those plans.

Em really doesn’t “get” Christmas just yet.  She’s still too young.  I put out Christmas toys and books and taught her Christmas words.  She knows how to order ask that the “twee” be turned “on.”  She knows that if she brings me her Rudolph figurine, I’ll sing the song.  She also knows to bring me “Ho Ho” (Santa figurine) when I get to the “then one foggy Christmas Eve” part.

Santa brought her a blue Rockabye elephant that’s been stored in an upstairs closet since November 2011.  She wasn’t impressed.

I’m calling in her best 2 year old buddy so he can show her how much fun it can be.

Christmas Day was touch and go at first.  Em awoke at 5:30am and went down for her one and only nap by 8:30am.  Grrr.  When she awoke, we took her to Dan’s parents, where she wowed us by climbing the stairs and coming back down (Dan in tow) without assistance.  She’s always been an “I’ll do it myself” kind of girl!  After Grandpa and Annie’s, we headed directly to my family’s lunch.

We assumed she’d be a tired hot mess by 2:00pm, but she was great!  She sang, talked and danced on Dan’s lap as we ate at the dining room table.  She walked around the house having a great time.   By the time we got home, she was pooped..and so were we.   She crashed at 6:30pm and slept until 7:00am.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, PARENTS!!!  We won’t mention that she went all 12/26 without napping.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas 2013 and beyond.  I even bought us a mom and daughter Santa apron set in anticipation of some holiday baking bonding time.

Crap, that only gives me 12 months to learn how to bake…

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