And so it begins!

December 21st, 2012 9:39 PM -05

No, not F.T.S. II. That can wait until after the holidays. 😉

Today marked both a sad and festive occasion: the first day of Dan’s last vacation days in 2012.  Since November 1, he’s taken off every Friday.  I’ve grown way too accustomed to having him home.  Even when I stayed home and didn’t run any errands, it was just nice having him here.  Em and I are always in much better spirits when he’s home.  It’s nice to have adult conversation for me, and I don’t have to say “Daddy’s at work,”  “Daddy loves you,” or “Dada will be home soon” 500 times.  When she looks at me and asks “Dada?” as she did today, I merely had to point 3 feet away and say “There he is!”

The good news is that we have him until January 2nd.  Wahoo!  In that time, we’ll Christmas it up and tackle some Manor tasks like sourcing light fixtures and storing Em’s baby clothes and toys.

Because Dan had today off, I was able to attend my office’s Christmas lunch/white elephant gift exchange.  I brought the most swapped gift (a Totes mini candy dispenser from Target), so I scored a Charlie Brown clock that plays Christmas carols every hour. The kiddo will love that one day.  🙂

Totes® Elements® Men's  Electronic Candy Dispenser

I came home to a happy kiddo and our friends, Grandpa Jason and Aunt Brie, picking up our beloved Delaney couch.   It was the first piece of furniture Dan and I bought together when we started shacking.   Our new Abbyson Living London 3-piece leather sofa set from arrived Wednesday, so it was time to part ways with the old Delaney.  The kiddo seems to dig the new set even though the seats, unlike the old sectional, are too high for her to hop on unassisted.

The best part of the sofa, loveseat and chair?  It’s turned our kiddo playland with a sectional into a living room with concealed play areas.  Mama and daddy likey!

Aunt Carole (my BFF) came over after work to deliver Christmas goodies, which included a slew of awesome books for Emme.  We had to start a 3rd book bin for Em’s personal library collection, and she’s a very happy camper about that.  Em was shy at first but quickly warmed up, playing peek-a-boo using the owl-themed gift bag Aunt Carole brought her.  I encouraged Em to get friendly with Aunt Carole as this is the person she will call when she wants to run away at 16.

We ended the night by getting takeout from a newly opened Mexican restaurant down the street.  I grew up going to the original location, so it was a nice walk down memory lane.

I just Amazon’d two last minute gifts for family members, scheduled to arrive Monday.  I’d intended on baking this year, but eh – maybe next year.

I have a feeling this will result in a Saturday night trip to Target to buy a few more goodies…

Damn.  I just hate going to T♥rget.  😉

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