December 5th, 2012 10:45 PM -05

Upon request from the grandparents, I updated Em’s Amazon Wish List for Christmas.

After researching toys for 18 months and up (she’ll be 18 months in February), I compiled her list.  When I reviewed it, I realized a trend.  Of the 20 items listed, 14 were board books.  Then, I had an ah-ha moment.

Before mommyhood, I would look at kiddo wish lists sent from friends and relatives and roll my eyes when I saw more books than toys.  I sought out an überkinderwunderbar knock-their-socks-off toy loaded that oozed awesomeness. Books did not fall under that category.  I considered books to be wish list filler. Books screamed “snooze” not “BEST. TOY. EVER.”

And then we had Emme.  Forget rattles and rings.  Compliments of Ashlea, the first thing that captivated her two week old self…

Instead of only bringing us books or barking “read!”, she’s started using words and sounds to let us know which books she wants us to read.  “Sssss” is for Baby Einstein Baby’s First Words that contains a photographed snake, and “hep-po” means Sandra Boynton’s Hippos Go Beserk or But Not the Hippopotamus. She spends more time reading or being read to in her Anywhere Chair than she does playing with toys.

So when it came time to compile her Christmas list, I kept selecting books.  I had to force myself to find actual toys to add (a grandparent request), but I did.  Em’s one lucky little girl in the generous and fabulous grandparent department.  I looked the other day and both Dan’s parents and my mom had purchased all the toys. But that’s pretty cool, because that means I can order the books and tell her they’re from Santa.

Only, she doesn’t know much about Santa…

I bet there’s a book for that.

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