Shutter the Front Door!

November 19th, 2012 1:37 PM -05

Today was supposed to be shutter installation day.

Let’s flash back to this past Friday.  I dropped off my car at the dealership early that morning for some scheduled maintenance and zipped homeward in my snazzy loaner car.  I reached an intersection where turning left would take me home, but I opted to turn right for a quick grocery store trip.

A block down the road, I got a text from Dan telling me the shutter installers were there.  They showed up three days early.  Unannounced.  CRAP!  No wait.  YAY!

I put the car’s fabulous U-turn radius to the test and sped home.  It was Em’s naptime, and I knew Dan would have his hands full with an overtired toddler and the shutter crew.  I walked in to see the guys orchestrating the installation, moving quickly and somewhat quietly.  I headed toward the stairs to recognize a familiar sound: Em’s Baby Einstein Aquarium that we play before putting her down to sleep.  Dan emerged from her room followed by silence.  The kiddo was asleep!

We watched in awe as the shutters went up.   The guys must’ve thought we were total dorks as we ooh’d and ahh’d through the installation process.  Almost everything went well.

We had just a few issues.  Instead of moving towels from the bathtub, one guy opted to stand atop the tub, leaving permanent boot prints all over the back wall.  Eh, that’s okay. Walls can be painted right?  The crew then realized the master bedroom windows had been mismeasured.  They apologized and promised replacements next week.  No biggie!

It was only after they left we noticed the biggest problem:

I was so damn happy with the shutters that I was okay with losing the drawer.  Pointing out the investment we’d put into them, Dan wasn’t willing to sacrifice the drawer space.  He took some measurements, realized a thinner frame could support the shutter and allow full drawer access and emailed the owner.  We’re crossing our fingers he rectifies it.   (kow)

Hiccups aside, we LOVE the shutters.  I cannot tell you how relieved I was to trash the Redi-Shades.  The tedious task of rolling them up daily isn’t something I will miss. Over the years, I’d made a game of how quickly I could roll them up each morning.  Why?  Because I’m a dork like that.

I wasn’t sure how the kiddo would react to her direct window access disappearing.  I was surprised at how much she’s taken to the shutters.  She’s already learned to open and close them.  Wahoo, my toddler does windows!

Our newly covered windows have motivated us to tackle more Manor makeover projects.  We ordered new living room furniture last night and have plans to shop lighting fixtures this week.

We’ve also decided to repaint the interior walls.  If it’s anything like it was last time, we may need to change our paint color negotiation tactics.

Anyone know where I can find some good Nerf bats? 😉

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