Everyday I’m Shufflin’

July 29th, 2012 9:30 PM -05

The house is abuzz with party planning galore as the big day approaches.

This Saturday, 28 of Em’s family members and close-friends-who-are-family will gather at our house to celebrate her first birthday.   It being Mercury Retrograde, I’m so paranoid about all the logistics that I’ve made a gazillion task lists.

Last week, I rented chairs and ordered Em’s dairy-free smashcake.  It’s not going to look 100% as I’d envisioned, but it’s just a cake.  I’ll be surprised if she actually eats any of it.  For our guests, there will be 4 kinds of dairy-packed cupcakes.  Wahoo! I also ordered her cake-matching candle online… it’s coming regular mail from New Jersey.  I’m kinda sweating’ that one.

I’m one of those people who will go to 4 different stores on multiple occasions until I get everything I need, even if I’m just getting something as simple as the perfect tablecloth or the right shade of blue plastic fork.  I made a promise to myself that I would hit one store once.  I designated yesterday the Great Party City Shopathon.  I wouldn’t leave until I had everything, and, if they didn’t have exactly what I needed, I’d pick a substitute on the spot. Of course, they didn’t have the light pink polka dot luncheon napkins I wanted.  My first thought was “okay, I’ll just go to the Westheimer location…”  But I quickly quashed that and went with the fuschia polka dot pattern.  One hour later, I left with decorations, tableware, goody bag goodness, a backup candle and a helium tank in tow.

All that’s left is buying the food later in the week.  I considered getting Jason’s Deli fruit, cheese and veggie trays until I looked at how much those fools charge.  Costco it is!

Oh, and IKEA!  I looked at renting a kiddo table with chairs for Em’s little cousins, but it’s cheaper to buy the white Sundvik collection at IKEA.  We’d already intended to put one in her future playroom, so I’m crossing my fingers the chairs are back in stock tomorrow.  I’m going to wait until she goes to sleep tomorrow night.  That way, I can go der nuts scampering through the warehouse of bliss, filling my cart with value-priced Swedish exports.  😉

Someone should warn them I’m coming.

Hide your lingonberries!

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