August 2nd, 2011 7:49 PM -05

After running my bootie off these past few weeks, I think we’re finally Wiggles ready.

As I sit here on the couch typing away, I don’t feel guilt-ridden that there’s something more productive I should be doing.  Could I be doing things like assembling the swing or washing her crib bedding?  Sure.  But those aren’t exactly MUST DO STAT tasks.  It’ll be a few weeks before she’s in her crib and the swing won’t take too long to assemble (kow).  We’ve pretty much got everything in place we’ll need for her care and our comas.  I think… (kow) 🙂

At work, I managed to dole out my duties today.  This left me ample time to hit those small, mundane tasks that had taken a backseat to higher priorities.  Take the great phone LED disaster – a staffer has bugged the crap outta me because his desk phone had his predecessor’s name on it.   Only internal people see this, so you can only imagine how motivated I’ve been to fix this earth-shattering tragedy of epic proportions.  Taking a break from my whiners last policy and during a benevolent flight of fancy, I opted to redress his grievance this afternoon.  Hell, I even added him to the birthday list.  We’ll see how long it takes him to notice.

I’m apparently looking more labor-ready than I realized.  A coworker pointed it out this morning when she proclaimed “Look! She’s lower!  She’s ready to come out!”   Yeah, I think she is…  I honestly don’t believe I’ll still be preggo a week from today.  I’m kinda hoping for a Thursday delivery.  08/04 is a nice even date doncha think?  But who knows…this end date isn’t up to me.

Which leads me to the most common question I get these days:  “So are you ready for this to be over already?”

Well, not really.  Don’t get me wrong – I cannot wait to meet her.  Oh, the piggies we will count!  It’s just that I’m lucky to be suffer-free.   Sure, my sleep isn’t the best and my feet look like mini hippos, but I can’t exactly complain.  I’ve had friends in far worse predicaments at this point in their pregnancies.  So when asked if I’m ready to get this over already, I can’t say “DEAR GOD, YES – I’m so miserable.”  Because I’m not.

That said, I do have those brief moments where I get excited over post-L&D activities.   I think “Ooh, that’ll be so cool when I can….”    Taking warm baths, jumping in and out of bed, seeing my feet, eating a tuna fish sandwich… these are the little luxuries that get me stoked.  But until then,  I’m just going to rest, relax and practice calling her by her real name.

I can’t have her going to kindergarten and introducing herself as Wiggles.

No matter how damn cute it would be.  😉

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