Basket Case

July 30th, 2011 8:38 PM -05

Yesterday was our super-quick Dr. F appointment.  She was running an hour behind because of an early afternoon delivery.  Being so close to my due date, I’m very patient when it comes to her focusing on in-labor patients.  After the exam, she proclaimed that I was progressing and that we should have a baby within a week or two.  Wahoo for not sending me straight to the hospital!

There was just one little surprise.  Based on the hospital classes and everything I read, I thought contractions would start from my back or shoot from my belly, Braxton Hicks style.  Nope.  These strong pains I associated with Wiggles headbutting my cervix are the real deal.  Ahh, so that’s a contraction.

On the Wiggles prep progress front, here’s what’s been done:

  • My hospital bag is packed with snacks for Dan, clothing for Wiggles and toiletries for me.
  • Laundry is done.
  • Our Babies ‘R Us run for bottles, Dan’s carseat base and various last-minute sundries was completed this afternoon.
  • Dan may have found a solution to our carseat issue (it’s not fitting as it should).
  • Dan pre-taped the wall graphic and it looks really cute.  I don’t have the heart to text him with the news that it fell down 15 minutes after he left for a tasting dinner.
  • We found girlie-tastic crystal drawer pulls for the Pax system.
  • I finished a crafty project for Wiggles’ toy storage. (I’ll post separately once the glue dries)

In addition to all that, I managed to clean out my bedside table and bathroom vanity drawers.   It’s one of those chores I’ve put off forever and figure won’t be such a high priority once the bambina arrives.

Now I just need to decide on changing table baskets already.  I’ve searched Hobby Lobby, B3, BRU, IKEA, Container Store, Cost Plus, Marshall’s, Garden Ridge Pottery, Target, Walmart and various online retailers for the perfect baskets.   “Perfect” is defined as no wider than 10.5″ wide, no taller than 6.5″, clean lines, rectangular and non-wicker.  We bought three versions at Container Store and one from IKEA.  All are getting returned.  I’m down to two options:  the I Think I Canvas Wide Drawer from The Land of Nod in either pink or light blue or, Dan’s favorite, the Kiva Rectangular Bin from Container Store:


So what do you think?  What’s your vote?

3 Responses to “Basket Case”

  1. carole says:

    Definitely the Land of Nod. The cute color choices scream “baby room!” The Container Store ones moan in a gruff voice, “man’s office”.

  2. Dani says:

    Agree with Carole. Also, the Land of Nod ones are collapsible. Things that are collapsible are inherently more useful in my universe. Please don’t ask me to elaborate. 🙂

  3. tara says:

    GMTA, ladies! After we put up the wall graphic, we both agreed that the pink baskets would work best. I ordered them asap so they’d be here Wednesday. The manly Kiva bin is back at The Container Store. Wahoo! 😀

    Dani, I agree that collapsible things are great: Koozies, chairs, bins, totes… just not lungs. 😉

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