2Pack: Lug Life 4ever

July 12th, 2011 7:00 PM -05

I bought myself a push present:  my hospital bag.

As I mentally skimmed my closet’s overnight bag selection, I realized my options sucked.  I have a beat up mini rolling carry-on or an open-top boat tote.  Neither would accommodate all the crap I need to pack for Wiggles and me.  I needed something big but not ginormous, cute but not cutesy.   I needed a Lug.

My love for Lug started in 2007 with my first purchase, an orange Puddle Jumper.  I wanted a lightweight, vintage-looking carry-on, something reminiscent of a 60’s stew bag.   It’s accompanied me on every transatlantic flight I’ve taken since then.   Two of my friends even purchased Puddle Jumpers of their own.

A couple of years ago, I played an online contest at lugtravel.com that landed me some freebies (luggage tag, travel wallet).  I never win anything, so that was pretty cool.

It just so happened ebags had their Lug weekenders on sale for almost half-off with free shipping this past holiday weekend.  (Psst – the sale is still on-going and ends 07/14)*   My Lug Round-Trip Shuttle Bus Weekender arrived yesterday.  I’m proud to say I have zero buyer’s remorse.  All that’s left is to fill it with everything from personal toiletries and Wiggleswear to the baby book and cord blood kit.

Next on my list?  Gently breaking it to our terracotta warrior, Wang Chung, that there’s not enough room in the bag for him.


* No, I don’t get paid for all these glowing product reviews.  If only.  I’d be rich, I tell ya! RICH!  I just like sharing cool, cheap stuff I dig. 🙂

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