S(no)w Day

February 4th, 2011 7:22 PM -05

I’ve had snow envy throughout this winter.  While the country has endured record-breaking snow conditions, Houston’s seen no slushy goodness.

But then a glimmer of shimmery white hope emerged earlier this week, when local forecasters predicted a 10% chance of snow for Friday.  By Thursday, that probability skyrocketed to 60%.  Wednesday night was spent stocking up sundries needed for snowcaptivity (prescriptions,cream cheese, root beer…)

I hauled ass outta the office on Thursday, hoping to beat the weather.   The weathermen kept saying “It’s coming…if not this afternoon, then tonight…or tomorrow…”  All night, I waited.  And waited.  I awoke at 1:15am.  No snow.  4:25am.  Nada.  I finally awoke at 6:20am and within moments, the weatherman confirmed there would be no snow.  Luckily, widespread roadway closures due to black ice justified an office closure.


I plopped on the living room couch, giddily expecting to spend my day watching guilty pleasures like Nate Berkus, Ellen, Dr. Oz and Oprah.   Instead, local channels chose to turn frozen water into “HORRIBLE TERRIBLE ARCTIC WINTER STORM BREAKING NEWS.”   They devoted the next six hours to showing the same 7-day forecast and traffic alerts.  They’d occasionally cut to live shots of shivering reporters regurgitating “The ice still hasn’t melted” and “Yeah, um, I’d stay home if I were you.”  Riveting.

I opted to watch CNN.  Their morning line-up is god-awful, but they covered actual news-worthy events.  I broke the monotony by frying up corn and flour tortillas.  What?  When bored, you don’t fry random things?  That’s crazy talk! I’d never really done that and wanted to see how it turned out.  I was aiming for taco shells, I got tortilla chips instead.  Success! 

Luckily, the local s’newsathon ended at 1:00pm.  I celebrated with a shower and leftover tacos before returning to the couch for my daytime tv crack.

Was it a productive day? Not really.  But it sure beat going to work.

That alone well makes up for getting snowed by weathermen.

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