Stay Away, Monday

June 5th, 2010 12:18 AM -05

This was the longest shortest week. With a sad staff upset, tight client deadlines and task juggling galore, it was draining. The minute I walked in Tuesday morning, I was workin’ for the weekend.

Unfortunately, now I’m workin’ on the weekend. Being the IT Bitch Operations Chick, I need to upgrade our computers to Adobe CS5. I’m excited about the new tools (yes, I’m a dork) but not looking forward to the hours it will take to install it all. At least I can wear comfy clothes, crank my iPod and work without interruption. Now you know why I’m pushing for that no-work working holiday.

We were supposed to get Dan’s Big Green Birthday Present this weekend, but he’s not feeling well. He says he’s getting better. We’ll see. Anyone got a horse trank and an hour to spare? The doctor’s only 15 minutes away…

I feel bad for him, especially with it being his BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! FYI: anything birthday-related is CAPS-worthy as it must be expressed exuberantly! As the clock stuck 11:00 last night (marking his East Coast birthday), I did a special birthday affirmation, Jessica-style*: “I LOVE MY DAN! I LOVE MY BOO!” etc… Then I serenaded him with my own version of “In Da Club:” “Go TALL-Y – it’s ya BIRTHDAY – we gonna party like it’s ya BIRTHDAY! We gonna sip single-malt scotch like it’s ya BIRTHDAY!”

Yes, he actually married me. Can you believe it!?!

Maybe he’s been sick all along… 😉

*If you don’t know about Jessica, watch this:

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