What I Accomplished This Weekend

May 16th, 2010 7:37 PM -05




Ah, yes!  Between lunches/brunches and a friend’s surprise dinner party, I managed to have my first booze since completing antibiotics.

Oh, and I applied the first sealant coat on the Stenstorp.  One down, twenty-five to go!

I guess my biggest accomplishment was talking Dan outta buying us tickets to the midnight premiere of “Eclipse.”  What!?! Your heterosexual lifemate offered to escort you to a Twilight film and you kaboshed that!?! Yep. I love him too much to torture him. And then there was the whole drag caveat…

He threatened to dress up like Bella so we could “fully experience the frenzy.”  Thank Jeebus June 30th is a work night.  As much as I appreciate his willingness to go, there are three reasons why I dissuaded the Bella-donning.

First things first, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t grasp the awesomeness of this scene like a pro-agro Edward/anti-do nothing Bella, Charlie-loving Twidork should:

Second, I couldn’t sufficiently train him to obsessively bite his lower lip while simultaneously sighing.  I could try by having him repeatedly watch the first two installments. But he would refuse to do so, and it wouldn’t matter anyway. No one can ever match that level of emo-Stewing.

The third and most important reason is that I’d be really embarrassed if he rocked skinny jeans when my ass can’t.

I’ll take the Luann portion of anorexia with bulimia on the side.

No, thank you.

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  1. Barb says:

    ooooh, luby’s…… want. you are evil.

    YAY BOOZE!!!

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