Home Sick

May 4th, 2010 4:07 PM -05

Last night was rough.  I kept tossing, turning, hacking and sweating. Yes, sweating and without ever having a fever.  Bizarre.

When I’m sick, I sleep on the couch.  Our sectional makes it easier for me to spread out and sleep upright.   It took everything I had to roll off the couch this morning.  I let the office know I’d be two hours late and somehow managed to take a shower and get dressed.  Then I got the phone call telling me not to come in…I needed my rest. I felt like ass.  I wasn’t going to argue.

Staying home sick always makes my dutiful Virgo self feel guilty.  So I tackle household tasks to make myself useful.  After changing from my work clothes, I did the dishes and started laundry.  I then turned on the laptop, loaded my work email and commuted via the interwebs.   Excluding the time it took to boil some quinoa pasta, unload the washing machine and pee, I didn’t stop working until 3:45.

So much for a day of rest huh?   I’m pooped.   The good news is that I’m starting to believe there’s something to these vitamins.  This plague, while not fun, could be so much worse.  (KNOCK ON A RAIN FOREST). The fact that I’m not laying on a floor saying “Take me now, Jeebus!” after today’s hectic workload is a miracle.

Though it would be nice if I could stop tossing, turning, hacking and sweating.

Unless I could somehow sweat off 25 pounds.

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