What I’m Twerkin With

April 20th, 2010 7:55 PM -05

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in submission to a massive migraine will be in want of a taser.

I awoke this morning with a huge headache, one much bigger than the one I took to bed.  I rushed through my early morning work routine with aspirations of settling into a mundane, drama-free day.  The universe had a different agenda.

Our two newbies needed my immediate, constant attention.  I finally ended up doing one’s work for him, because I could complete the task in one fourth the time it took to give step-by-step instruction.  But I added “This is me teaching you how to fish.”  It was my way of saying “I’m this headache’s bitch today – not yours for eternity.”

I get these headaches whenever the weather changes, especially when rain’s imminent.  They typically kick my ass until lunchtime.   Not this one.  No amount of liver sacrifice in the form of gel caps and hot caffeine offered relief.  I’m pretty sure its extended stay was in direct relation to my trainees’ lack of plausible comprehension.  If only I could have whipped out a ruler like a 1950’s knuckle-wrapping nun.

Not wanting to cook dinner, I dragged my bootay to Beaver’s with Dan.  Somewhere between the Chicken Wings and Chopped Beef Samich, the clouds parted and my headache lifted.

This is a very good thing for everyone.

And their knuckles.

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  1. misslola says:

    I don’t think you need a big headache as a reason to bust out the ruler on newbies. I think it should be law if you just aren’t getting it. Glad that your headache headed out the door. But bring the pain on your newbies! They need it!! ;c)

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