Spring! Bounce! Collapse.

April 4th, 2010 6:26 PM -05

As soon as the clock stuck 5:00pm on Friday, my weekend choc full ‘o activity sprang into action.

I hauled butt home and packed my overnight bag within 10 minutes.  By 5:45pm, Dan and I were Austin-bound.  We arrived to find our hotel packed with young, scantily clad kids and several candy-painted cars with massive wheels.  It turns out it was Texas Relay Weekend, an annual Austin track and field event that draws high school and college athletes.  It’s a huge party weekend.  We soon discovered just how huge of a party when the bass from a concert 25 floors down and across the street thudded past midnight.  We somehow managed to sleep through it.

We awoke bright-eyed, bushy tailed and in prime party shape for our flower girl’s park-side fourth birthday bash.   There was just one problem:  the birthday girl did not like being the center of attention and proclaimed she would stay three.  The happy birthday serenade and candle blowout? Forgetaboutit.  However, she did muster enough inner strength to attack her gifts like a champ.

She’s definitely my kind of girlie girl.  She refuses to wear pants; she’s a dress only kind of gal.   When I emailed flower girl dress options to her mom, the pint-sized princess made the call:

Her mother’s had to return shoes that didn’t meet the mini-fashionista’s standards.  This is the same athletic, anti-girlie mother who, when expecting, made it clear that pink, stereotypical clothing and gifts were verboten.  So, of course, her daughter’s favorite color is pink.   It’s how the world works.  Daughters and mothers are supposed to be polar opposites.  This scares the crap outta me.  I foresee having a tomboy daughter who listens to classical music and espouses vegan principals at three.  Maybe flower girl’s mom will trade….

The birthday girl gave our gift a thumbs up: two dresses, a Strawberry Shortcake dance-along DVD and a bath time Cinderella doll.  Cha-ching!  By 3:00pm, Dan and I were Houston-bound for an evening birthday party.  A quick stop at Sonic for a Cherry Limeade kept me going, but the scenic bluebonnet-strewn highway views lulled me to sleep.  I awoke an hour outside of Houston refreshed and ready to par-tay.

I didn’t know what to expect from Pump It Up.  I thought it was just a bunch of moonwalks/inflated bounce houses.  Instead, it was a  fun-filled smorgasbord of slides and obstacle courses.  With a 35 29 year old birthday girl and all attendees over legal drinking age, the supervising staffer tossed out the rugratcentric safety rules.   He took a liking to Dan, so he showed my daredevil all the cool stunts like slide-surfing.  In return, our guys showed him how to bum-rush the inflatables to create a more slippery slope.  Several of us left winded by the exercitement, so we ended the night refueling on margaritas and Mexican food.  Party attendees dined while wearing mini tiaras.  Good times!

Dan and I dragged our butts outta bed for Easter brunch with my mom.  Luckily, I was alert enough to notice shrimp in my fritatta before taking a bite.  I’m allergic to shellfish.  That could’ve been funsies.  I haven’t really accomplished much since.

Unless you count watching The Family Channel’s Julie Andrews’ marathon.  Maria’s about to sing her list of favorite things.

I’ll add this weekend’s activities to mine.

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