Rock Steady

March 9th, 2010 10:13 PM -05

This past weekend, the hubs, the Marr/ieds and I hit San Francisco for a mini vacation.  I went having done absolutely no pre-planning whatsoever.  I didn’t so much as search for must-see sights let alone look at a map.

That wasn’t such a great idea.  Poor pre-planning on my part meant I didn’t realize how spread apart certain city landmarks are… which meant I didn’t pack the proper layers or footwear.   It also meant that I didn’t discover Alcatraz’s after-dark guided tour sells out weeks in advance.   This oversight turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I’m a haunted history buff.   A big part of me would love to see a ghost.  But an even bigger part knows I’d pee my pants if I did.  Having taken the day tour, I see Alcatraz as a freaks come out at night kind of place.  And while it could be cool to come mug to mug with Al Capone and giggle over that Geraldo excavation mess, I’d probably run into a bitter whackjob with a serious grudge.

Or worse…

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