Ice Bling and Cake and Cake

October 9th, 2009 5:35 PM -05

Today, I did something I never do sans serious illness or hurricanes: I worked a half day. I was nagged until I caved encouraged to play hookie to tackle wedding-related tasks.

I picked up Dan and headed to the jewelery store. We’d been there before to see a ring similar to what I wanted. I figured we’d go in, meet with the owner and make plans for a custom ring. To our surprise, they had the perfect ring. Now all we have to do is pay for it. Or master Misson Impossible-style covert ops.

We lunched at Barnaby’s, where we sat next to a fabulous 4-some of well-to-do, well worked out men. If you watch Bravo’s “Flipping Out,” think Ryan Brown x 4. I caught snippets of their random conversations. My favorite was “Not to sound sexist…but women are horrible drivers…always on their cell phones…” I proposed a Day without Dame Drivers to Dan. Let’s see how many accidents there are without women on the road. If I’m not mistaken, we’re not the gender who gets screwed on auto insurance. Ha! Although, we get screwed on health insurance. Crap.

We later drove to BFE for our cake tasting. It’s in a pretty ghetto area, but ghetto means they’re not building River Oak$ rent into the cake price. Our wedding coordinator recommended three cake vendors. After some research, we chose the third. She was the sole baker who not only had stellar reviews (“super nice”… “great cake”) but also had nothing scary like the other two (“Rude”…”Crappy Service”… “Not dependable”… “Doesn’t care what client wants”)

I wouldn’t say the place we chose makes the BEST CAKE EVERS!, but they were amazingly friendly, very accommodating and, most important, ├╝bercheap. (We’re learning to cut expenses in some areas so we can splurge in others.) The main cake will feature alternating layers of white cake with vanilla cream cheese icing and amaretto cake with amaretto buttercream. Modeled after my dress, it’ll be monochromatic (purple) with Quincea├▒era flare. The groom’s cake is going to be AWESOME and will be a chocolate cake with mocha icing. Yums.

Tomorrow, I meet my mom for MOB dress shopping , hit Arne’s/Michael’s/HobLob for ceremony accessories (flower girl basket/ring bearer pillow…I could devote a whole entry to what a ripoff those are) and begin hand-addressing the invitations.

But that’s another day. Right now, my sugar shocked stomach and I are going to chill with the new Ballard Designs Christmas catalog (wahoo!)

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