October 8th, 2009 8:05 PM -05

I’m becoming the real estate version of Gladys Kravitz… the neighborhood HARpy

I find myself running to the interweb when I see neighboring properties with fresh for sale/future development signage. God help me if I drive past cleared land with multiple stakes marking too-close-for-comfort future slabs. I’ll stalk the builder’s web page and scour their site plans. Two weeks ago, a local builder put up a sign near my house and I thought “Awesome! They build cute homes…” My friend Sarah even has one of their great houses. I covet her closet space!

And then I remembered that when I last checked, their Inner Loop properties were moving toward the cold, contemporary, corrugated steel construction I cannot stand. NO BOX HOUSES in my fauxtorian neighborhood! I panicked when their website didn’t have any information.

Luckily, they’ve since added a large on-site rendering of the planned townhouses. Cute. Traditional. Definitely not something in which you’d park a plane.


knock on wood.

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