My Life

October 7th, 2009 7:32 PM -05

Over the past two days, I have…

  • Scheduled half day off work on Friday so groom and I can go ring shopping and cake tasting
  • Booked a trio (cello, violin, flute) for the ceremony
  • Obtained DJ quotes
  • Got snippy with a bitch named Steven who tried to tell me that most brides have their makeup done 2-3 hours before the wedding and that I shouldn’t request on on-site makeup artist because it would cost me “tons” – his “tons” was half what I’d budgeted.  Steven’s studio will not partake in my pre-wedding prep.  Note to self: cancel run-through appointment I booked before they told me I couldn’t afford them.
  • Windows shopped unsuccessfully for the perfect flower girl dress:  think pretty, pretty princess ballerina sans JonBenet-hoochiemama-scarebear factor.
  • Hyperlinked groom to tuxedo options
  • Line item vetoed several fleurist recommendations
  • Went to my happy place as my mom  nagged me over various details, especially fleurist
  • Booked hotel rooms for bridesmaids
  • Located shower hostess gifts
  • Printed pictures the MOB took of first dress fitting to show hairdresser tomorrow
  • Pondered hanging said pictures on various pantries and fridges and/or having jaw wired shut
  • Spoke with a pissant minister who referred us to a holy roller who ministers to cops (two things my beloved hates:  organized religion and the man)
  • Researched Texas marriage officiant laws so everything would be kosher when we ask a friend to get ordained and marry us
  • Opened first official wedding present – thank you, Debra and Peter!
  • Ordered Thank You Notes
  • Amassed ideas for wedding departure gifts:  Smelly, Spicy , Sweet or Fishy?

Slacker bride is gettin’ organized! (k.o.w.)

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