Toe Up

September 21st, 2009 7:22 PM -05
  • one massive chin zit
  • a cold sore in the making
  • gray hair
  • mosquito bitten legs
  • nubs that were nails last week
  • chipped pedicure
  • bloated fingers constricting engagement ring
  • fat pants that fit

Can someone who owns some fat farm spa in some fabulous place please kidnap me?

One Response to “Toe Up”

  1. Season says:

    Or you could always join us in Europe & walk all over Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam & London. I usually lose weight while on vacation. Fingers crossed for 10lbs in 17 days! My dress didn’t quite zip, but that was without my slip/fat sucking in thing.

    Tickets are still under $700… I’m sure they wouldn’t even notice that you weren’t at work! Oh wait…maybe not.

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