Hulk Hogan Hearts This

July 30th, 2009 9:07 PM -05

Today, I popped 3 vitamins in an attempt to develop a daily regimen.

I’ve tried the whole vitamin thing several times, only to ABC-ya within months days hours. There’s just so many things I don’t like about vitamins…

1. I can’t stand that pervasive vitamin smell. I put a baggie of them in a desk drawer, and, two years later, that smell still permeates.
2. I hate that full feeling that comes with taking 10 horse pills a day. It’s not exactly the most fun way to curb an appetite.
3. I have a crappy comes to remembering to take the damn things 3 times a day.
4. It’s hard to find affordable vitamin and mineral supplements not derived from dairy or shellfish.

But I’m hoping that I’ve uncovered a solution for my vitamin aversion. I found some vegan, one-a-day, vitamins on Amazon. I got a Multi-Vitamin with Iron, a Flaxseed Oil/Omega-3 Combo, Sublingual B12 and Glucosamine Chondroitin for a maximum of 4 vitamins to down daily. So now I have no excuses.

Although, it would be nice if they were already built into more enjoyable things like coffee or margaritas. My fiance and I once pondered combining vitamins and malt liquor. We even had a name for it.


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