Fascinate. Deviate. Reinstate. Liberate. To moderate…

July 22nd, 2009 8:28 PM -05

If I’d written “Mediate” by INXS, “procrastinate” would’ve definitely made the cut.   There’s a reason “Procrastinate Less” is on the 2009 To-Do List:  I’m reeeeeally good at it.  I’m convinced Snorg designed this t-shirt for me.

In attempt to reduce guit/stress induced eating and nail-biting progress, I’ve summoned my inner Virgo and compiled the following task list:


  • Mail my family and friends’ Save the Dates
  • Get addresses for Dan’s Save the Dates.
  • Mail Dan’s Save the Dates
  • Book honeymoon hotel
  • Book Blue Mountain tour
  • Figure out time o’ wedding
  • Meet with Venue Coordinator
  • Meet with Wedding Coordinator
  • Book DJ
  • Book Florist
  • Book Cake Maestro
  • Book Photographer
  • Seriously consider paying the wedding coordinator more money to do all this stuff.


  • Call for hardwood floor estimate
  • Call electrician about grounding dishwasher
  • Call A/C people for plenum check (I know what a plenum is…what the hell!)
  • Cash in insurance policy (sorry, beneficiaries)
  • Find DVD player at storage unit and install it in living room
  • Hassle Realtor Cousin about Title Policy Task completed today!
  • Hassle Realtor Cousin about Deed of Trust Task completed today!
  • Apply for 2009 New Home Tax Rebate (Yes, we can pay next year’s property taxes – wahoo! kow!)
  • Transform my home office into Master Closet, Part Deux


  • Talk friends into a Game Night or Pinot and Picasso
  • Take niece bowling
  • Pay car insurance
  • Remember where I put that gym…
  • Let CLE videos run while I do everything else Comply with the full letter and spirit of all Texas State BarCLE requirements.

Do  a dance of joy and down a celebratory pitcher of blood orange margaritas when I complete these tasks.

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