Bring the Noise

May 25th, 2009 8:44 PM -05

You know that prison syndrome whereby released inmates have difficulty adjusting to life without restriction? (Think the old dude from Shawshank) I’m having a similar issue with the noise level in my new home.

For years, I’ve lived in dorms and apartments where refraining from loud walking, talking or just about anything was expected. A quiet neighbor is a good neighbor right? I can’t count how many times I yelled “SORRY!” toward the floor when my clumsiness resulted in a loud thud on a downstairs neighbor’s ceiling.

So as the fiance knocked on the walls, attempting to locate studs, I instinctively cringed and thought “SHHH THE NEIGHBORS!!!” Earlier in the day, I’d even caught myself walking softly on the wooden floors and closing cabinet doors ever-so-gently.

I keep having to remind myself that we don’t share walls. We’re our own contained unit, free to make as much damn noise as we want.

And that’s so bizarre.

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