Scratch One of the List

May 23rd, 2009 9:00 AM -05

See that blue sticky note up there? Scratch buy a house off that. Wahoo!

We closed the Monday before last and then promptly boarded a plane to Miami. It was 4-1/2 days of bridal party goodness, capped by my friend Sarah’s wedding on Sunday night. I’m not the most social of butterflies, so I was exhausted come Monday. I attributed it to excessive bootie shaking, but later that night I discovered the real culprit: flu!

Knowing that I had a *crazy* work week ahead, I stalked my doctor’s office for a Tuesday morning appointment. Before going, I got a call from my mother, who happened to also be sick. She wasn’t able to get into our doctor and booked a nurse practitioner, so I offered to drive her. I got into the room, went through the normal pre-doc vitals hooha and greeted the doctor when he entered the room. Within seconds there was another knock on the door. My mom didn’t like the nurse practitioner, so she bogarted my appointment and the proceeded to insist he test me for swine flu. We both kept telling her it wasn’t H1N1, but he caved. I got a Z-Pak, Tamiflu and the most wonderful shot ever. She tried to work him for Tamiflu and a swine test, but she just had bronchitis and he’d reached his limit.

Thursday morning was move day. I headed to work as Dan awaited the movers. It was weird knowing that all my stuff was being moved without me. I’m kind of a control freak. I’d color-coded all of the boxes to assure a language barrier wouldn’t be an issue. Feeling guilty for not being there, I wanted to make the move as smooth as possible for Dan. I stopped short of chalk outlines for furniture placement. 😉

Our first night in the house involved me working on a client RFI until I crashed at midnight. There was one awkward WTF neighbor encounter. I get a knock on the door, which I couldn’t avoid because of the exposed windows. (We’re getting shutters). I open the door and this girl introduces herself, her dog and her cat and then ignores her pets brushing past me and romping throughout the house. I am allergic to cats and most dogs. This romping, I didn’t appreciate. I casually mentioned how I was recovering from the flu and had a big work deadline… You’d think she’d say “Oh, I’m so sorry – just wanted to introduce myself…I’ll let you get back to what you were doing…” and immediately herd her pets. Nope. She nonchalantly said “We’re animal people here” and just let them go! I made small talk while following her cat’s every movement until I couldn’t take it anymore. I scooped up the allergyball and handed it back to her with a “Well, it was nice meeting you – if there’s anything you need…”

We’ll eventually meet all the neighbors. We’ve at least seen their faces as they walk by staring into the windows. It’ll be nice to put names and houses to wide eyes.

The second night was much more fun. We unpacked the kitchen and master bathroom, moved my office furniture and cleaned the bathrooms. Yes, we call that fun. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve run through the house like kids in a candy store. With walkie talkies.

I was supposed to go to Austin with Dan and my future rents-in-law today, but I’m afraid my hacking (picture an 80 year old smoker’s cough) will scare the small chillens. Instead, I’ll unpack more boxes.

And buy some temporary blinds.

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