Yo Mama

May 10th, 2009 5:10 PM -05

Someone in West Houston has “TA MERE” on his license plate. I aime that beaucoup.

Speaking of mothers, I kicked off my day with an early lunch with my mom and immediate family. It was much better than last year’s 3 hour restaurant ordeal with the extended fam. My sister had a good idea: we should move the Thursday or Friday before Memorial Day, because it’ll give us more time to unpack. A-ha! I looked at the calendar – that’s the weekend after next. With us going to Miami on Thursday and returning Monday, that will leave us 6-7 days to pack up this place. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

It’s not that it’s an impossible task – it’s just quicker than I’d envisioned. If we pack a room a night, it should go swimmingly (kow). So Dan and I headed to my office and stocked my car with old boxes. We then headed for the new house to time my commute (5 minutes-wahoo!) and locate a suitable bike route for Dan (eh, not so easy).

On that note, I should go pack something! Maybe I’ll start with the kitchen. That way I won’t have to cook anything or do dishes for 2 weeks… 😉

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  1. Season says:

    My offer still stands; after Tuesday I have nothing to do other than cleaning my house and commencement on Friday. For reals, I would be happy to help you guys.

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