Uncommon Goodies

January 10th, 2009 8:43 PM -05

The new uncommon goods catalog came today. Their motto is “find anything but ordinary” and I love that. They’re pretty much my go-to site when I’m looking for something different, whether for a baby gift or birthday present. I dig finding quirky things, so I had to share my favorites from the new catalog (clockwise from top):


  • Kimochi Emotion Dolls: a cute way for kids to express their emotions…if you’ve stared at an unconsolable mid-tantrum rugrat, you’ll want these.

  • Terra Cotta Cupcake Kit: these ingenious little reusable terra cotta cupcake holders make paper wrappers obsolete – and a damn awesome container for flower-themed or chocolate “dirt” cupcakes.

  • Gnome-Be-Gone: no gnome knows if he’s safe from these gnomenappers. (gnome included!)

  • Zodiac Charm Necklace: a fun way to show your sign. I’m envious of the Taurus – it looks like a little she-devil.

  • Elephant Poo Roses: These roses really don’t smell like poo poo poo. But they’re made from it. The perfect gift for that someone who considers going green priority number one. Using number two. (I couldn’t resist)

  • Soup and Sandwich Tray: I’ve coveted these for awhile now. We have zero room for new dishes. Maybe I’ll buy these as a house-warming gift to myself when we find one.

    So you may think “Okay, one day she’s on a soapbox about single-sex education and the next she’s pimping plates. What the hell?” Welcome to total randomness, the basis of taraism.

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