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C is for…

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Closing.   If the other side hasn’t rejected the proposed plans, we close on Monday! (knock on wood)

Cocksucker.  We’d planned on a leisurely, non-Mercury Retrograde move in early June, but our landlord wants this place re-rented as of June 1st.  It’s good in that we’ll save that rent/mortgage payment overlap we anticipated, but it sucks because we need to start packing now.

Cathartic.  I’ve started cataloging my possessions, mentally marking their final destinations.  With every move, I always strive to get rid of more crap than I did in the previous move.  There’s something freakishly satisfying about getting rid of accumulated stuff.

Clean Slate.  I’m finding that now we’re moving into a house, a home, a permanent residence, I’m really disliking my crap even more.   There’s only 2-3 pieces of furniture I’d want to keep.  The house is too good for my crap.  I wish I could just give away most of it and start from scratch.

Crack.  What I’d be smoking if I were to throw caution to the wind like that.


Thursday, April 30th, 2009

My apartment is a mess.

I shed like crazy and my hair is everywhere. I half expect to come home from work one day, throw my bags at the door and look up to see a 6 foot hair ball ready to steamroll me. Think Indiana Jones’ bigass boulder, only jojoba-infused.

When I got home this evening, I forced myself to clean the kitchen and straighten the living room. I stopped short of Dysoning my follicle foe’s future into oblivion. I considered scrubbing the tub. But that fancy passed fairly quickly.

I attribute this ennui to casaitis, the burgeoning homeowner’s version of Senioritis. Remember when you were in that final high school semester, college acceptance letters in hand, and it occurred to you that doing as little as possible was good enough? Yeah, I’m there when it comes to my apartment.

We’re thisclose (knock on wood) to having keys to our house. So instead of keeping my apartment home-y sweet home-y and sparkly clean, I’d rather just toss everything in a box and wait for the moving van.

I need to snap outta this rut. I need to slap on my Mr. Clean jeans and conquer casaitis. If I don’t, things could get ugly.

God help us if the hair balls and dust bunnies form an unholy union.

Clearing the cobwebs…

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I’m back! I typically blog each night, but but between a hectic work schedule and the new home details (inspections, loan documentation, insurance), my brain’s been on strike. I didn’t even turn on my laptop.

I took advantage of the cerebral siesta by reading all 4 books in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I recommend the books for mindless reading. The print is large and you can pretty much skip over any long, descriptive passages that begin with the lead heroine staring longingly or feeling a hole in her heart. Having seen the movie both before and after reading the first book, I’m convinced that the original director deserved her termination and that the girl playing Bella is all wrong. I’m still curious to see what the new director will do. New Moon hits theatres a week before my wedding – my MOH and I have a pre-wedding, vampire flick destress date.

Speaking of my MOH, Carole and I went on our first wedding dress scouting trip yesterday. I’d made an appointment at a well-known Houston bridal shop. Unfortunately, the statuesque, pencil thin consultant assigned to help me didn’t quite comprehend when I said “This makes my hips look huge” or “way too much arm fat showing.” Carole was super-helpful, getting me in and out of dresses and taking pictures at various angles. She helped me keep my sense of humor throughout the ordeal, especially when two other girls found their ideal dresses from the get-go. They had immediate “this is the one!” reactions. Bitches. Two and a half hours later, we left the bridal salon having whittled down the choices to two potential dresses.

After lunch, we moved onto bridesmaid dresses. I think we found hers at David’s Bridal. I’m not particular at all. So long as my bridesmaids all have black, chiffon dresses, I could care less what styles or lengths they choose. Hopefully, that will make it easy for each of them.

We then came back to my crib, where we discussed everything from invitations to showers and photographers to cake toppers. She’s keeping me on schedule and focusing the tasks – I’m lucky to have such a great BFF. We’ll probably hit the proverbial pavement again next weekend for more dress-shopping.

But before then, I have a task: must order Save the Date cards. Dan and I have an idea of what we want – I just need to make sure this factory I work with can work with us.

Oh, and our option period expires Thursday. I have to figure out if those painted spots the inspector noted on the ceiling are touch-ups or cover-ups. All while reworking a major program for a big client.

Life isn’t boring! (kow)

Cautiously Optimistic

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Here’s the latest on the new home front:

  • We locked in a great interest rate on a lock-down loan (meaning, if mortgage rates go down before closing, our rate goes down up to .375 – if they go up, we’re locked at our current rate)
  • Thanks to our hero, Ashlea, the easement issue was put into perspective.  She went above and beyond to research it for us and both Dan and I are extremely grateful.  We got word late today that the issue with the electric company has been resolved – we just need a new survey to substantiate the seller’s claims (knock on wood!)
  • My pro-burbs coworker who kept pushing for Friendswood over Inner Loop living walked around the house on her lunch break.  She made a great suggestion about bringing marbles to the inspections on Monday to test how level the floors are.  Other than that, she gave the house two thumbs up.
  • It took over an hour and a half to do it with my crappy home scanner and even crappier laptop, but I scanned in all the back-up documentation the lender required.  Now, I just have to talk to them about them listing my “single female” self as the sole title holder.  Something tells me that wouldn’t be kosher with the fiance – go figure! 😀

Now, I’ve gotta go pack – tomorrow I head for sunny Miami and bridal shower shenanigans!

Ease On Down the Road…

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Today, I lined up termite, air quality/mold and full home inspections for Monday morning.  I talked to a new lender who can lock in an astounding rate (KOW).

Then Cousin Realtor informed me that there’s a slight issue or two with the survey.  There is a shared common driveway without clear indication of who owns what, meaning, if that puppy cracks , we need to clarify who has to repair what.

Then there’s a rather large utility easement that runs right through the house.  As someone who also does title work, Cousin Realtor is very concerned.  This U.E. would cut through the kitchen, breakfast area and dining room.  Now we have to see what the title search returns to see if a variance or abandonment was granted.  If not, Cousin Realtor advised us to pass on the house.   GRRRR.

I’m going to move to Montana, where the only encroachment is stray buffalo.  Or is that bison?  Whatever the hell that roams up there.