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Daddy Day

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dan’s been knee-deep in work, spending every night this past week and all weekend in his office.  So when Em awoke around 2:00am, I gladly took on our gentle “Go the F*ck to Sleep” routine (put on blankets, flip on crib aquarium, sing “Dream of Me & You” from music class and get the hell outta dodge, crossing fingers she doesn’t need a return trip).

And when she awoke at 6:00am, I jumped up to get her and start our special Daddy Day breakfast prep.   Instead of our regular Sunday morning trip to Grandpa and Annie’s, I made plans to bring breakfast for Dan’s parents and his brother visiting from Austin.

I’d started the night before, making the Bananas Foster Overnight French Toast and chopping the Best Breakfast Potatoes Ever components.  I was kinda worried that Em would make the morning preparations challenging, but she was a fabulous trooper!  She patiently played with her magnetic alphabet letters while I assembled a fruit salad and mixed the spicy potato goodness.   It didn’t take too long, so we had ample time to watch and sing along to toddler nursery rhyme videos on YouTube.   She also “helped” me assemble a photo collage for uploading to Facebook. (“How about this one, Charlie? (her Thomas the Train name of the day) “Yeah, that’s good. Do that one.”) 😀

When Dan came downstairs, she jokingly shouted “Happy Mother’s Day!” before running to him and greeting him properly.  I’d practiced “Happy Daddy’s Day,” so she kind of impressed me with “Happy Father’s Day!”  I took a quick shower, got ready and dressed kiddo while the French Toast and Potatoes cooked simultaneously.  Everything was piping hot as we drove to G&A’s house.   I unpacked the food (big up to Crate&Barrel’s awesome oven-to-table Everyday Bakers), whipped up the French Toast sauce and we all sat down to eat, even Emme!

Breakfast was a surprising hit with few leftovers!   I’m my own worst critic when it comes to cooking.  I always preface a new meal cooked for friends and family with with “If it’s gross, you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t eat it.  We can always order pizza!”   Seeing empty serveware was a relief.

When we came home, Em’s disappointingly short nap resulted in a Mommy-Emme grocery store run.   I needed buns for the Mango Pulled Pork I had braising, and she needed some kiddo-lobster conversation.  She asked about their day.  They waved their banded arms and swam about.  Translation: “Ya know, the ‘uge…just chillin’.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing tantrum control as my overtired toddler tripped, fell and knocked into various objects, causing her much embarrassment and total devastation.  Some afternoon sidewalk chalking with Daddy provided a temporary respite.  She went to bed early a happy camper.

At last check, our Facebook collage has 40 Likes and some great comments about what a fantastic father he is.  And as much as I know he appreciates the kudos, I’m pretty sure there’s one particular like that matters most.

She’s not on Facebook just yet, but she’d definitely give him a big thumbs up.


Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Stay Away, Monday

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

This was the longest shortest week. With a sad staff upset, tight client deadlines and task juggling galore, it was draining. The minute I walked in Tuesday morning, I was workin’ for the weekend.

Unfortunately, now I’m workin’ on the weekend. Being the IT Bitch Operations Chick, I need to upgrade our computers to Adobe CS5. I’m excited about the new tools (yes, I’m a dork) but not looking forward to the hours it will take to install it all. At least I can wear comfy clothes, crank my iPod and work without interruption. Now you know why I’m pushing for that no-work working holiday.

We were supposed to get Dan’s Big Green Birthday Present this weekend, but he’s not feeling well. He says he’s getting better. We’ll see. Anyone got a horse trank and an hour to spare? The doctor’s only 15 minutes away…

I feel bad for him, especially with it being his BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! FYI: anything birthday-related is CAPS-worthy as it must be expressed exuberantly! As the clock stuck 11:00 last night (marking his East Coast birthday), I did a special birthday affirmation, Jessica-style*: “I LOVE MY DAN! I LOVE MY BOO!” etc… Then I serenaded him with my own version of “In Da Club:” “Go TALL-Y – it’s ya BIRTHDAY – we gonna party like it’s ya BIRTHDAY! We gonna sip single-malt scotch like it’s ya BIRTHDAY!”

Yes, he actually married me. Can you believe it!?!

Maybe he’s been sick all along… 😉

*If you don’t know about Jessica, watch this:


Friday, June 4th, 2010

I Hear the Secrets That You Keep…

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I turned to my trusty life partner and asked him to suggest a stellar blog topic.  He said “Okay…” and then fell into his nightly couch coma.

So Dan’s best sleep habits it is!

Every now and then, Dan sleep talks.  I could wish for unconscious confessions of deep dark secrets, but he delivers so much more.  The beauty lies in the total randomness of his outbursts.  Sometimes he assertively communicates well thought out statements.  Other times it’s babble, glorious non sequitur.  Here’s a small sampling:

“This is an easy problem to fix. All you’ve got to do is…(mumble mumble snooze)”
“Switch clothes dryer”

And my recent favorite…  “FUCK SARAH PALIN!”  I was watching the Opening Ceremonies when that happened.  Maybe he was feeling the pain of the Russians she snoops on every morning.

I wish I could remember everything he’s said over the past few years.  I’m seriously considering taking this to Twitter.  I’d just need a user name…

What would you pick:

a.  @shitmyhubssleepsays
b.  @sleeptalkinman
c.  @dansayzzz
d.  @holmosaywhat
e.  Something better like (your suggestion here)

Update:  within minutes of scheduling this entry, Dan shot up and muttered “How do I get up?  You told me you’d help me get up…”  When he talked enough to wake himself up, he realized I was talking back (as I often do for my own S&Gs). He then jokingly called me a fucker and returned to dreamland.  Good stuff.