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Sunday, May 18th, 2014

So when I last wrote, Em had settled into sleep following a doctor’s appointment.  I was optimistic that she’d rebound Friday.

Within two minutes of publishing that post, I heard kiddo groaning and watched as she sat up, projectile vomiting everywhere.   I bathed her, redressed her, cleaned the floor and changed her sheets before rocking her back to sleep.   Three more wake-ups later, including a 3:23-4:33 stretch followed by a 5:15am wakeup, and I was a zombie at work the next day.  Of course that was the day I had to read laborious procurement contractzzz!  Luckily, Dan had scheduled to be home that day.   When Em is really sick, her daddy’s girlness amps up exponentially.

Dan texted me that we had two major milestones: Em fell asleep on him while eating and, following her crib nap, slept for an hour on our bed!   She hasn’t slept on our bed since she was an infant, and, even then, it was in quick 15 minute bursts.  I knew she was sick if she was willing to crash somewhere other than her bed.

When I came home, Em was off.  I could tell she was feeling worse, and that was proved when she started having…bootie blowouts.    I cancelled a scheduled Friday night dinner with friends.  Dan kept trying to get me to go, but there was no way I was leaving Em.

Saturday morning, she was a total lump, refusing to do anything but rest on the couch.  She barely spoke and was just so sad.  We tried cheering her up, but smiles were few and far between.  She repeated her 2 hour crib and 1 hour on our bed.  When she awoke, she was a new kid!  Happy, playful…it was a relief.  We played outside and everything was great.  She ate chicken noodle soup and appeared to be in the mend.  Wahoo – 24-48 hour bug!

Wrong.  She awoke with a blowout this morning but was still happy.   Dan took her to her grandparents’ for their regular Sunday visit only to text me that Em had thrown up.   They returned home shortly thereafter, and my poor girl was having both gastrointestinal issues at once before passing out on our bed for another 3 hour nap.

I read and watched close captioned tv while sitting next to her the entire time, rubbing her head and back whenever she stirred or briefly awoke.   She seemed refreshed by the nap but was still miserable.

When this all started Thursday, Dan and I assumed it was a reaction to her antibiotics prescribed Monday.   Now, we’re convinced this is a stomach virus…that she likely picked up at that Monday pediatrician visit.  Ugh.  I need to find a bubble suit for future doctor’s visits.

Like the one we’re going to have Tuesday if she’s still not holding down food.

Knock on wood.

Not Cool

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

On Monday, I took Em to the doctor when a new raspy cough emerged following her weekend trip (btw – she had a blast and did a lot of firsts – used a public potty, ate tacos, bounced on a trampoline).   Raspy cough told me it was more than just allergies.

Of course, by the time we saw the doctor, she was happy-go-lucky, chatty Emme with no sign of cough.   The pediatrician diagnosed a sinus infection and prescribed a liquid Z-Pak.

Last night, she awoke multiple times with a hacking, choking wet cough.  I called the doctor’s office and was routed to triage nurse.  After nearly 30 minutes of painfully redundant questions, she concluded “Mom, sounds like this cough needs to work itself out.  It could take 2 to 3 weeks. Don’t give her a cough suppressant. Call back if she has a fever or develops more symptoms.”    My gut told me that was bullshit, but I decided I’d wait it out and make an appointment tomorrow morning, if necessary.

When I got home from work at 12:30, I noticed she’d barely eaten anything.   Dan, who’d stayed home sick, told me she’d been lethargic all morning and didn’t play with his babysitting parents much.   Following her nap, she wasn’t her normal self.   All she wanted to do was lay on my lap.  I took her temperature and immediately scheduled the appointment I should’ve made instead of wasting my time with the triage nurse.

En route to the doctor, Em puked all over herself and the backseat.    I’d left early, so we made a quick detour for a cleanup and strip down, making it to the doctor 15 minutes to spare.  Our regular nurse, Sam the Fabulous, saw shirtless Em and me waiting and when I explained Em had thrown up, she assured us we’d get called back asap.  We were slated to see a sub because Dr. F. was book, but Sam told me Dr. F. would drop by the appointment.  The sub doctor’s nurse came out, ushered us back and Sam chitchatted Em while the other nurse took her temp (101.9!)   Em wasn’t making much sense at all…lots of random words and gibberish.  Sam noted Em was wearing panties and gushed over her, much to kiddo’s delight.   When we went for a potty break shortly thereafter, Dr. F. walked up saying “Hello, Miss Emerson!” which made Emme very happy.  She’s kind of obsessed with Dr. F. like that.

Dr. 2 is a younger version of Dr. F.   She was kinda amazed by Em, who following some Tylenol, was becoming her chatty self again.  She looked at me and said “She’s really articulate.”  I said “Thank you.  She’s a talker!”  She quickly retorted in a flat tone “No, I’m serious.  She is really articulate.  You have a  smart daughter.”   Pause to think “Maybe we’re doing something right here…” aaaaand quickly return to the normal, hyperparanoid “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” doubts and insecurities.

Dr. 2 checked her nose, ears, throat, lungs… everything looked good.   When she got to Em’s swollen lymph nodes, she said “Uh oh.”   One strep test and 40 minutes later, Dr. 2 diagnosed a secondary virus.  Meaning, Em caught a second virus atop her sinus infection.  Virus = no meds, so she sent us home with instructions to return first thing Monday if her fever continues through the weekend.

When we got home, she received her requested daddy hugs.  Dan fed her yogurt and Cheerios while they watched “Stella and Sam” together.  It was the cuteness.   We expedited her bedtime and she’s now sound asleep.  Knock on wood.

With both of them sidelined by plague, Em and Dan won’t be able to have the spectacular Daddy-Daughter Day Dan had anticipated for tomorrow:  Little Gym, the park, etc…

Not cool, plague.  Not cool.


Mother of All Cleaning Days

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

This weekend, we were to pack up and head to Austin for a family birthday party.

And then plague hit me hard.  I assumed we’d just all stay home, but Dan had other plans.  He decided he would proceed as planned but single parent it.   I was not enthused with this course.   Em isn’t a fan of car trips and can be a handful when tired.  Add to it all the actual baggage required for her care, and it’s a lot for one person to handle.  Then, I remembered the last Austin trip and all its drama.

But Dan insisted.  He knew she would have lots of fun with her cousins, but I think he was more concerned about me getting better. This has been the worst plague I’ve had in a long time.  I told him I’d feel guilty if they were gone and I sat on my ass.  I’ve been saying forever “if I just had the whole day to myself, I could get so much accomplished in this house.”  I argued that if he went to the party, I’d just sit but if I stayed home, I’d work.  His response  was to tell me to sit on my butt and save the cleaning for another weekend.  I agreed.

I briefly considered booking a pedicure and getting my eyebrows threaded, but my chronic cough nixed that.   With a BFF girlie day planned for the 24th, it wasn’t a big disappointment.  Within 20 minutes of their Saturday 11:30am departure, I was knee deep in Junk Room Right.   It had become a clusterfudgle with the stuff I’d thrown in haphazardly before slamming the door shut behind me.  I tackled that clutter and even managed to encase my wedding dress, a task that took  a mere 4-1/2 years…

Once finished with JRR, I moved into Junk Room Left, removing batteries from toys headed for storage and whittling down clutter.   We’ve decided that this will be Em’s toddler room, so I spent the most time in there.   Once Dan moves all the remaining baby gear, all we’ll need to do is paint!   Three trash bags and two donation bin runs later, I moved onto dusting, vacuuming and laundering.  I followed that with a grocery store run before settling in for the night.

I spent the evening going through old CD-Rs filled with old messages, Bar study outlines, resumes and photos.   It was pretty funny reading through it all and shaking my head.   Oh, to be 27 again with the knowledge of my 34 year old self!

After finally getting my first night of  cough-free sleep, I awoke at 6:36am.  I tried going back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening.   Dan, Emme and I Facetimed before I started my day of laundry, pot roast prep and errands.  Now, I’m just sitting on the couch awaiting their arrival.

Most people wouldn’t consider it a “relaxing” weekend, but I do.  I got to knock out some big tasks on my punch list.  And I didn’t have to do them in short one-hour bursts while trying to juggle a kiddo or hear her calling for me.   I love the little booger, but she’s pretty adamant about being the center of attention.   I’m letting her have that for now.   Hopefully, this time next year, she’ll be on the verge of learning how to share her spotlight with a sibling.

And if not, well, then we’ll spend Mother’s Day doing something fun.  Like space-planning an office/guest room space for Junk Room Right.  🙂

A Week of Firsts!

Friday, April 25th, 2014

When I had Emme, I did assume life would change.   I did not realize  it would mean the total death of my social life.

Last Saturday marked the longest I’d ever been away from her: 8-1/2 hours.   A friend and I took a day trip to College Station to help another friend prepare for her baby arriving next week (wahoo!).   It was a great drive with Texas wildflowers in full bloom along 290 and Hwy 6 and adult conversation (even when talking about kiddos).   There was no one in the backseat screaming “WANNA GO HOME” or dread of what tantrums were to come.  Wahoo!  We ate lunch at an actual restaurant, during which I got to eat my full meal and converse with adults.  Heaven!

Then, last night, Dan and I went out with my road trip buddy and her husband.  We used to go out every weekend until their first baby arrived in late 2010.  We’ve had a handful of restaurant outings with their two boys and Emme that require juggling food, crayons and whatever ensues.    I can’t tell you how great it was to go to a kiddo un-friendly restaurant, order alcohomolic beverages and relax.

I love my daughter more than anything and couldn’t imagine my life without her, but I think these excursions make me feel more human.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all things Mommy that it’s nice to be Tara for awhile.

But now I’m going to wrap this up.  I need to email my neighbor.

She might have a date night sitter hookup!

A Tisket A Tasket

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I just completed official Bunny business!  Em has an Easter Basket.

Rather than making one big Saturday trip to stock up on goodies as I did last year, I gathered a few tiny things here and there over the past few weeks.   I was going to do a big ticket item like Thomas the Train rain boots or a Nutcase Ladybug Bicycle Helmet, but she’s in between sizes in boots and the helmet is sold out everywhere.

But is she going to care?  No.  The more I thought about it, I realized it was best to keep things low key.   I’d rather not start a precedent of putting an Easter basket on par with Santa loot.

I did carry over the no-candy policy.  Dan and I discussed it, and we decided that candy’s superfluous right now.  As you boo and jeer “You’re no fun!  A little sugar won’t hurt!” Our kiddo doesn’t digest sugar well and she’s a picky enough eater as it is.  We don’t need her discovering candy and fixating on it.   I can hear it now “Broccoli is yucky – I want candy! No dinner!  Candy!”    We’d prefer a Veruca Salt-free house.  Fear not, though.  There will be minimal candy in the future.  Just not this year.

Here’s the basket breakdown:

Here’s crossing my paws that she likes her loot!