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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

After running my bootie off these past few weeks, I think we’re finally Wiggles ready.

As I sit here on the couch typing away, I don’t feel guilt-ridden that there’s something more productive I should be doing.  Could I be doing things like assembling the swing or washing her crib bedding?  Sure.  But those aren’t exactly MUST DO STAT tasks.  It’ll be a few weeks before she’s in her crib and the swing won’t take too long to assemble (kow).  We’ve pretty much got everything in place we’ll need for her care and our comas.  I think… (kow) 🙂

At work, I managed to dole out my duties today.  This left me ample time to hit those small, mundane tasks that had taken a backseat to higher priorities.  Take the great phone LED disaster – a staffer has bugged the crap outta me because his desk phone had his predecessor’s name on it.   Only internal people see this, so you can only imagine how motivated I’ve been to fix this earth-shattering tragedy of epic proportions.  Taking a break from my whiners last policy and during a benevolent flight of fancy, I opted to redress his grievance this afternoon.  Hell, I even added him to the birthday list.  We’ll see how long it takes him to notice.

I’m apparently looking more labor-ready than I realized.  A coworker pointed it out this morning when she proclaimed “Look! She’s lower!  She’s ready to come out!”   Yeah, I think she is…  I honestly don’t believe I’ll still be preggo a week from today.  I’m kinda hoping for a Thursday delivery.  08/04 is a nice even date doncha think?  But who knows…this end date isn’t up to me.

Which leads me to the most common question I get these days:  “So are you ready for this to be over already?”

Well, not really.  Don’t get me wrong – I cannot wait to meet her.  Oh, the piggies we will count!  It’s just that I’m lucky to be suffer-free.   Sure, my sleep isn’t the best and my feet look like mini hippos, but I can’t exactly complain.  I’ve had friends in far worse predicaments at this point in their pregnancies.  So when asked if I’m ready to get this over already, I can’t say “DEAR GOD, YES – I’m so miserable.”  Because I’m not.

That said, I do have those brief moments where I get excited over post-L&D activities.   I think “Ooh, that’ll be so cool when I can….”    Taking warm baths, jumping in and out of bed, seeing my feet, eating a tuna fish sandwich… these are the little luxuries that get me stoked.  But until then,  I’m just going to rest, relax and practice calling her by her real name.

I can’t have her going to kindergarten and introducing herself as Wiggles.

No matter how damn cute it would be.  😉

She’s Craft-ay

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

When shopping for nursery accessories, I came across these adorable animal-themed fabric drawers at Target:

I considered the frog and hippo but wished they’d had an owl.   That’s when it hit me… I could make my own!  I turned to Wiggles’ owl pillows for inspiration:

All it took was a pink Circo Collapsible Drawer, some felt and fabric glue.

And after 15 minutes of cutting and pasting followed by 3 hours of drying time…


Basket Case

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Yesterday was our super-quick Dr. F appointment.  She was running an hour behind because of an early afternoon delivery.  Being so close to my due date, I’m very patient when it comes to her focusing on in-labor patients.  After the exam, she proclaimed that I was progressing and that we should have a baby within a week or two.  Wahoo for not sending me straight to the hospital!

There was just one little surprise.  Based on the hospital classes and everything I read, I thought contractions would start from my back or shoot from my belly, Braxton Hicks style.  Nope.  These strong pains I associated with Wiggles headbutting my cervix are the real deal.  Ahh, so that’s a contraction.

On the Wiggles prep progress front, here’s what’s been done:

  • My hospital bag is packed with snacks for Dan, clothing for Wiggles and toiletries for me.
  • Laundry is done.
  • Our Babies ‘R Us run for bottles, Dan’s carseat base and various last-minute sundries was completed this afternoon.
  • Dan may have found a solution to our carseat issue (it’s not fitting as it should).
  • Dan pre-taped the wall graphic and it looks really cute.  I don’t have the heart to text him with the news that it fell down 15 minutes after he left for a tasting dinner.
  • We found girlie-tastic crystal drawer pulls for the Pax system.
  • I finished a crafty project for Wiggles’ toy storage. (I’ll post separately once the glue dries)

In addition to all that, I managed to clean out my bedside table and bathroom vanity drawers.   It’s one of those chores I’ve put off forever and figure won’t be such a high priority once the bambina arrives.

Now I just need to decide on changing table baskets already.  I’ve searched Hobby Lobby, B3, BRU, IKEA, Container Store, Cost Plus, Marshall’s, Garden Ridge Pottery, Target, Walmart and various online retailers for the perfect baskets.   “Perfect” is defined as no wider than 10.5″ wide, no taller than 6.5″, clean lines, rectangular and non-wicker.  We bought three versions at Container Store and one from IKEA.  All are getting returned.  I’m down to two options:  the I Think I Canvas Wide Drawer from The Land of Nod in either pink or light blue or, Dan’s favorite, the Kiva Rectangular Bin from Container Store:


So what do you think?  What’s your vote?

It’s Not Friday Yet Right?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Wiggles is due two weeks from Friday, which means she could make her appearance as early as next week.

Well, she could make her appearance anytime before that, but we’ve had a few mother-daughter heart-to-hearts over how she should stay put until August.

On the nursery front, her wall decal arrived today, her changing table is assembled and her Pack N’ Play is in place.   I just need to:

  1. Make a quick trip to IKEA for baskets and frames
  2. Install the carseat
  3. Do her laundry
  4. Apply the wall graphic

Oh, and I want to accomplish this all tomorrow.  We have our next doctor’s appointment on Friday, and I have this baseless fear Dr. F will say “You’re not going anywhere.  Let’s check you into the hospital.”  Granted, that would totally run amiss of the Tara-Wiggles Accords, but it could happen – especially because Mercury Retrograde has launched itself in a most craptastic way.

Just today, I had 3 in-sane client requests, 1 sick employee, 1 employee with car trouble, a no-show UPS guy and a major IT breakdown at work.    As if that weren’t enough, now there’s a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf.  Aye yie yie.

This may just be the first week in a long time I haven’t wished it were Friday.

Anyone down for Thursday 2.0?



Working Girl

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

This morning, I ventured to A Woman’s Work (AWW), a Houston institution dedicated to boobfeeding. (Yes, menfolk, you’ll want to stop reading right about…now) 🙂

I walked into the tiny office, where I was greeted by Astrid. She turned out to be super informative and more helpful than I’d anticipated. I went intending to rent a hospital grade breast pump and came out with that, a Belly Bandit and a great set of bras.

After filling out the pump paperwork and going through a checklist, she asked me if I’d bought all my nursing bras yet. I said nope – I wouldn’t know what size I’d be post-partum, so I was putting off a custom fitting at Intimacy until after Wiggles was born. I was also dreading this fitting, having no clue when I’d have time to go. It turns out AWW does custom fittings and has a massive selection. As Astrid measured me, I gasped at how I’d gone up two band and two cup sizes. I just about fainted when she explained I’d go down one to two band sizes but up one to two cup sizes after birth. AGGGHHH.

After the fitting, I went to put on the bra I wore into the store. Astrid laughed and said “I can’t let you do that. It’s not helping you at all.” Apparently, the bra I’d bought at Target was two sizes too big. Astrid handed me one I’d just bought and ohhhh the difference it’s made. 😉

She also measured me for a Belly Bandit. When I asked Dr. F about it yesterday, she said compression bands are a must for C-section moms and totally optional for vaginal deliveries. I could tell she wasn’t a fan, but she couched it in terms of it being a personal choice. I’d struggled with the Belly Bandit’s online sizing chart and styles, but Astrid was able to pick the right one for my size and shape. Left to my own devices, I now know I would’ve purchased a size too big. (I’m noticing a pattern…) I’m not a fan of asking for help, but I’m learning there’s something to it.

Astrid and I talked about everything from bottles (Dr. Browns is the way to go) to pacifier use and returning to work at 6 weeks to lactation consultants. I left confident that they could be a great resource. As if their storefront and information desk weren’t enough, their location makes it oh so convenient.

I left AWW, went down one floor and voila! I was in Wiggles’ pediatrician’s office. After several calls, they’d told me there was nothing I needed to do beforehand. I’d just list Dr. LF as Wiggles’ pediatrician at the hospital and bam, she’d be her pediatrician. (Remember, Dr. LF won’t meet new moms) I was repeatedly told there was no paperwork necessary. I’m not a moron. Every doctor has a massive new patient paperwork packet and I wanted someone to tell me face-to-face if that weren’t the case. I walked in and was greeted by a very helpful receptionist. She handed me some brochures and paperwork (a-ha!), assuring me that Wiggles’ first visit would go much quicker if it were completed beforehand. Because, ya know, what new parent with a days old infant wouldn’t want a “much quicker” appointment.

I headed back to my office feeling so accomplished over having crossed major tasks off my to-do list. When I walked in, I smiled at the huge box with my name on it.

The changing table is here! Let the nursery completion begin!