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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009


Inauguration Speech

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 has created an Inauguration 2009 section to include anything a consumer would want or need for a proper Yes, We Canfest. From eerie Secret Service knockoff gear to anything bearing the American flag, they’ve compiled an ecclectic collection.
My favorites are the Obama Christmas-esque lights, Obama Coffee (in K-cups for single-serve coffee makers) and Obama fridge magnets. I might just have to buy the magnet.  It’ll look nice next to my bare-chested beefcake Clinton/Gore magnet.

Speaking of political memorabilia… Last year, I snagged some Waterford limited-edition Election Elephants.   I packed each Elephant ornament in real peanuts and voila “Merry Christmas, Right Wing Loved Ones!”  

At this year’s Christmas party, my aunt confessed to voting for a Obama. Scandal! Well, not really.  It was to me,  in a hushed tone and on strict confidence I would not tell my grandmother.  She then expressed displeasure with her Elephant ornament.  I apologized, telling her I had no clue – I thought I was the sole “Socialist.”    In honor of her coming out, I bought her 2009 Christmas present early.  It arrived today: