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At Last!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Following tradition, today was my New Year’s Eve cleanfest.

I’m anal retentive about starting each new year fresh with a clean house, and superstition renders New Year’s Day cleaning verboten.  I knew I’d have a lot to do, so I properly caffeinated and sugared up this morning with a Venti Soy Hazelnut Frappucino with Whip Cream and Caramel Drizzle.  I scrubbed, folded, decluttered and deChristmasfied the house.

This holiday season has been a bit odd, ending before it ever got started.   December flew by.  I worked all Christmas week, even doing some on Christmas night and going into my office both days after the holiday.   I bought most gifts last minute…well, with the exception of the fantabulous toddler kitchen (can you tell I’m just a little bit excited about it?)  So when it came to taking the tree down today, I was ready.   Em say bye-bye to Christmas Elmo and the tree as she “helped” me take down the ornaments.  Before she went upstairs for bath and bedtime, she blew a kiss to both.  She’s pretty sweet. (Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited about her?)

On tomorrow’s agenda?  A little work while I wear some new clothes and down black-eyed peas, greens and cornbread.   But number one on the agenda will be spending the time with my little family.  Tomorrow is Dan’s last day of what’s been a 2 months of Fridays off and extended holidays.   Emme and I are going to miss having him around.

Maybe I’ll down a few extra greens tomorrow and then purchase a PowerBall ticket.

Oh Yeah…

Friday, September 6th, 2013

So in looking at my blog entries over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed the entries are sparse and tend to be…. one-tracked.  From day one, this blog was to be a creative outlet for the random thoughts floating through my head.

Instead, it’s turned into yet another duty and source of guilt in my life.   I was logging on only to make monthly Emme baby book entries and feeling guilty for them being late.   The sad thing is that had I made them private as I’d originally considered, this blog would’ve been the virtual equivalent of tumbleweeds.  Though I’m sure for some of my friends without kids (even some with), it’s exactly that!  Taraizzzzm.    Hell, I don’t blame anyone – I’ve bored myself with my lack of non-kiddo related content.

The truth is that my life hasn’t been all that exciting, and, at times, I’ve just let it swallow me up like a good, ever-dutiful Virgo.  Choc full o’ responsibilities (family, work, yada yada), there’s little to nada, zilch, zero “me time.”  And what’s the first rule of mom club? Always have me time or you’ll suck at wee time!   There have been times when I’ve thought “Ooh, that would make a fun blog entry to write” only to snap out of it and either refocus on my work or type out a quick status update or tweet that barely touched upon what I really wanted to communicate.

But that changes now.

The baby book blogs are going private.  We’re up to our ears in discovering body parts and poop these days.  Ain’t nobody got time to read about that! This doesn’t mean Emme-related content won’t pop up now and then.   Considering the longest stint I’ve ever been away from her was 5 hours long, she’s kind of a major component of  my daily life.  It just means that will be more than just another baby-focused mommy blog.

While my more taxing, free time-sucking responsibilities aren’t going anywhere (translation: I can’t quit my job), I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more.   So here’s what I’ll do:  I’m going to post at least one entry per week.  And I won’t look at it as a duty. It’ll be an exercise in expressing myself.    I’ll follow in my friend Ashlea’s steps and designate Friday for my Word Pressing matters.   I will put the kiddo to bed; whip though the week’s meal plan and grocery list; and fire up the old bloggy blog.

I can’t promise it’ll be unquenchably captivating.  Scratch that.  I’m totally adding “unquenchably” to my words that gross me out list (along with gelatinous and congeal)  Wait, where was I?  Oh that’s right.  I might not always get there, but I’m going to try to be somewhat entertaining.

At least moreso than tumbleweeds.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do…

Knock on very much living, strongly rooted, non-roaming, fully in-tact wood.



Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with my car.

When I got my beloved Felix in 2006, I loved him.  I loved his chic, black exterior and matching coffee stain-concealing leather interior.  I loved that I could blast the A/C on my face and feet.  I didn’t mind cranking the stereo so I could hear over the arctic blast.  I liked how the backseat folded down, providing ample cargo space for IKEA hauls.

Fast forward 6.5 years, and my love for Felix, while still there, is waning.   What’s changed?  I have a teeny passenger I didn’t have in 2006.

That matching black interior and interior leather?  It’s a sauna in the summer, especially for a kiddo strapped into a fabric car seat with velvet padding.  While there is light colored fabric on the interior roof/ceiling, it’s stained permanently with my child’s berry smoothie spray.  OxiClean?  Tuff Stuff?  Yeah, nothing works on smoothie spray.

That  A/C?   The car’s engineers thought greatly about the driver but clearly overlooked passenger comfort.  The back vents are tiny, meaning I have to hyperblast the AC, leaving me freezing and her screaming “NO AIR! TURN OFF AIR”  She doesn’t like the super loud sound it makes nor the fact that it drowns out her music.  I could turn up the music, but I’m kind of big on not causing her hearing loss.

And that cargo area?  Because the car seat goes in the middle of the backseat, I can’t put the rear seats down without going through the hassle of removing the car seat.  Anyone with a bulky, heavy-ass toddler car seat knows that once it’s in, it isn’t coming out unless there’s a gun to your head with a zombie’s hand on the trigger.

Plus, the exposed cargo area is its own fount of parental paranoia.   It holds a heavy stroller, a bulky  jumper cable kit and diaper changing gear, in addition to whatever groceries or baby gear’s in transport.   My car didn’t come with a tonneau cover for separating those potential projectiles from my tiny passenger, so I’ve relied on a cargo net for strapping down items.  It was something but not enough.

So this week, I decided I was going to find the good in Felix by tackling his issues (well, or my issues with him).  I was able to locate a black 2006 tonneau cover on eBay.  (Thanks, car maker for completely changing this part TWICE in the past 6 years, making it difficult to source a 2006 model)   One shark bid and it was mine! Mine! Mine!

Now, I just need to find a shop that can remove the ceiling stains.

Anyone got the number for HAZMAT?


Soap’s On!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

During Em’s nap, I typically turn on The Talk for background noise as I work or clean.  March Madness on CBS meant I needed to find a new channel.  I saw that General Hospital was on and begrudgingly selected it.

I grew up watching GH and even loved its short-lived, vampire-laden Port Charles spin-off.   But then I went to law school, started working and failed to keep up, even with reruns airing on Soap Net.  Last time I tuned in, Em was brand new.  The cast was almost all teenagers and college-age kids who’d rapidly aged, as all soap babies do.

So when I turned on GH yesterday, I wasn’t expecting more than white noise.   When, what to do my wondering eyes should appear, but cast members from yesteryear!

Now, Lucy! Now, Kevin!  Now, Luke and Laura!

On, Scotty!  On, Duke!  On, Anna and Felicia!

As if someone had turned the clock back to 1980-something, I quickly Googled to see that more old cast members were set to return.   Today’s comeback? Bobbie Spencer! Sure, she was freshly Botoxed and pumped full of lip injections, but she’s still Nurse Bobbie!

Memory lane elation aside, I’m not so sure I’ll stick with it following March Madness.  I’m learning that my tolerance for ridiculous soap operatics has waned.  And while the ladies on The Talk can get hokey, I’d rather watch them yap about modern news and pop culture events.

It’s far less complicated than waiting to see if Frisco and Felicia’s pregnant daughter will tell her baby daddy that she’s knocked up with his kid instead of the one she’s supposed to be carrying as a gestational surrogate for Sonny’s son and Luke and Laura’s daughter, who has just disappeared in a mysterious kidnapping that’s crippling Port Charles and halted her mother’s wedding to Scotty before her dad could stop the unholy union.

I Should Be Bonaing…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Now that I’ve completed my office work, I should take this morning (and maybe only) kiddo nap to mop the floor.

But I’m just not in the mood.

I don’t know why, but there are just certain household chores I prefer doing at particular times of the day.  Mornings are reserved for kitchen cleaning, laundry and dusting while afternoons are laundry folding, sweeping, vacuuming.   So it’s not that I’m being lazy.  I’m just respecting the time-space continuum.   What catastrophic events would unfold if I were to mess with my cleaning eccentricities!?!

What I really should be doing is working on the junk rooms.  I need to pack Em’s old clothes and toys in Sterlite crates, so Dan can stow them atop our garage shelves.  But that involves going upstairs and making noise within close proximity to the sleeping child.  Doing anything that may awake the sleeping child just isn’t going to happen.

So here I am… with no pre-determined blog topic…  Just randomness…

1.  I’m trying My Fit Foods.  I bought 5 brekkies and 5 lunches yesterday.  While I’d like to lose weight, that’s not my motivation.  It’s so hard to eat healthy when chasing around a toddler.  I find myself cramming a Whataburger Jr. down my throat while driving between errands or snacking all day.  With My Fit Foods, I can have a healthy meal in less than 2 minutes.

2.  I LOVE THIS WEATHER!  I love, love, love the cold.

3.  We may have shutters on Monday.  They haven’t called to confirm installation yet, but I’m getting scared.  What if they look like crap?  It’s a big investment, and I’d hate to have buyer’s remorse on nonreturnable, custom fixtures.   (knock on every piece of wood used to build the shutters)

4.  I’m hosting a baby shower on December 1st.  With it being Mercury Retrograde, nothing is going right in the planning phase.  I’m crossing my fingers that a bakery I’m visiting on Friday can work their magic.  If not, I’m going to have to scrap my plans for cupcake perfection.

5.  I can’t wrap my head around Thanksgiving.  It has a lot to do with it coming so early this year.  Plus, it’s going to be lame.  We’re eating at a country club where we have to get dressed up and wait in long buffet lines for crappy food.  With a toddler.   I just wish we could ignore the holiday this year.

6.  There is a silver lining to an early Thanksgiving though… The Christmas tree goes up sooner!  We’ll see how the kiddo fares with that.  One of my goals this week is to hit Hobby Lobby for some fabric/paper ornaments that can adorn the portions of the tree within toddler reach.

Okay, the kid will be up soon.  I need to grab my Bona and get to work.

If the earth stops spinning on its axis,  I apologize in advance.