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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

There is no task I dread more than cleaning out my closet.

It’s a reminder of the clothes I hate and the clothes I love that I can no longer wear. Now that winter is officially dud (as kiddo pronounces “dead”), I knew it was time to purge.

First up, I tossed anything with stains or teeny holes.  They were all those wardrobe malfunctions that we pretend can be concealed by cardigans. AKA Mommywear.

Next to face the firing squad was the skinny bitch clothes. That entailed all those things that I kept thinking I’d need if ever skinny again. But let’s be honest, if I’m ever rocking a size 4 during this lifetime, my butt will go on a gigantic shopping spree. Oddly enough, those were easier to toss than the hole-y MFers.

Last to go were the things I had no business wearing, whether because I’m almost for…for… not as close to 30 as I used to be or they make me look even bigger than I am.  You know those oversized clothes we buy thinking they’ll conceal flaws only to realize they make us look like beach balls? I’m looking at you, tunics. Buh-bye!

I ended up filling one of these Goodwill-ready XXL Ziploc storage packs, leaving me with one rack of clothes.

I tossed a few pairs of shoes into the garage sale stack (never-worn ski boots… gold glitter TOMS I should have never purchased).   I have a lot more shoes that can go, but I’m not ready yet.   I have a much harder time giving up shoes.  Even if I haven’t worn them in ages… even if wearing them would be sheer torture, I just can’t.

Yeah, I have isshoes.

The Post Before It’s August Already

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

July: a month in bullet points!

  • Planning 20th 10th high school class reunion with two friends.  It’s been challenging at times, but we’re a good team!
  • Assembling Em’s room.   We just need to paint the dresser, install the chandelier, assemble the dollhouse bookcase, paint and install bookshelves and affix the wall decals.  That’s all. 😉
  • Working. Working.  And more working.  Especially on piddly projects that take way too much time and effort.
  • Getting ready for Em’s 3rd birthday party this weekend, but that’ll get it’s own post.

The other day, Dan was getting stoked over the holiday season.  It sounded odd, because it seems so far off.  But it really isn’t.

I’ll probably get around to posting Em’s party wrap-up just about then. 😉

It’s About That Time

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

During this Mercury Retrograde, I…

  • Clogged the disposal requiring a plumber’s visit
  • Stockpiled laundry for 5 days because of a busted dryer heating coil (luckily, Dan fixed it, requiring no repairman fee$)
  • Had a low tire warning that had to be redressed during a cold rain
  • Grated my thumb instead of butter
  • Burned myself cooking…three times
  • Botched a deadline for a potential preschool by missing the mandatory pre-application tour.  Em didn’t have a good chance of getting in, because it’s a very small school within a tight knit community.  But, still, I really wish I’d met the deadline.  That said, you can bet I’ll be the first application in for the 2015-16 school year.

And we’re only one week in.

But Mercury Retrograde isn’t completely ominous.  While it’s a hellacious time to buy big ticket items or start major projects, it’s a great time for several things like tackling unfinished business. So that’s what I’m trying to do by…

  • Scheduling a structural engineer consult for our ever-settling pier & beam house
  • Arranging for our weather-beaten front doors to be sanded and painted this weekend
  • Making punch lists  for future projects (to be started post-Mercury Retrograde
  • Staving off unnecessary dramarama
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Organizing, organizing, organizing
  • Getting back to my Power90
  • Thanking the cosmos for listening to me last week when I made a work-related wish that came true. Wahoo!

The one thing that has me worried is an impending car service appointment.  I always get nervous that the dealership will uncover a costly repair requiring immediate attention on my now 7-1/2 year old Felix.

I’m going to pull a Little Engine That Could and repeat the mantra “$30 to inspect! $30 for spiffy brakes! Other money they will not take!!!”

Yeah, and maybe I should add ” watching less Thomas and Friends” to my list… 😉

Supah Bowl

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

I plan the following week’s menu and grocery list every Friday.  I completely forgot this was Super Bowl Sunday.

So instead of gumbo, chili, hamburgers or something equally footballin’, I made pot roast and garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes.   Meat and potatoes.   That’s so…American!  Um, like football.  And every damn thing else advertised during the Super Bowl…

Which brings me to why we have the Super Bowl:  commercials!  One word sums up the 2014 roster: disappointment.  The ad agencies sunk to a new low this year, relying on lowest common denominator: patronizing patriotism.  Everything was “truly American” and “yay for the troops.”  Here were the other lowlights:

  • Masarati wins most wasted money.  Those who buy Masaratis do not do so based on television commercials.  Who the hell sees a Masarati commercial and thinks “Yeah, I was gonna buy a Honda, but I think I’ll buy one of those instead!”
  • Subway thought it was a good idea to have health conscious Olympians push a cheese-covered, Frito-stuffed sandwich?  Ridiculous.
  • Axe Peace mocking global despots?  Incredibly naive and stupid.

My only kudos go to TMobile’s commercials: one featuring Tim Tebow and the other with just text.  Both were brilliantly crafted means of conveying the desired message.  That ad agency earned every dollar of its fees.

But what’s even better than the commercials?  THE HALF-TIME SHOW!!! Well, okay, not always… but this year it was!  I’m biased, because I adore all things Bruno Mars.   I loved his energy and tone. And while I was bummed to see the RHCP were co-headlining, their limited appearance was perfect.   Why the RHCP hate?  I haven’t recovered from the horrific radio and MTV overplay that “Under the Bridge” got in the 90’s.  Every time that song came on, I wanted to jump off a bridge.

In the end, I enjoyed the game.  I was routing for the Seahawks, because they have the inspirational Derrick Coleman as well as the key winning indicator: better uniforms than the Broncos.   While there was no contest whatsoever, I appreciated the football this year and did not mind it interrupting my commercials and half-time show.

I would’ve appreciated a good fight or two among impassioned competitors, but that’s okay.

That’s what Olympic figure skating is for.


Things I’m ♥ing

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

I had a whole entry written about Emme’s resistance to my attempts at doing at-home preschool prep.   But, before I could publish it, she started playing along… in her own way…at her own pace.  That’s my girl!

So instead I present you with the things that are rocking my oh-so-thrillride-a-minute-life. 😉


Trader Joe’s Personal-Size Pizza Al Pollo Asado: Grilled Chicken + Tomatillo +Jack Cheese + Refried Beans + Masa Crust =  Aye yie yie eat this way too much.  As in weekly.  Okay, twice weekly.

Champion C9 Trainers: I got these el cheapo sneakers on sale at Target.  They’re super lightweight and have breathable mesh.  These are fantastic for working out.  Okay, well, I assume they are…

Vanderpump Rules and Courtney Loves Dallas: I’m an unabashed Bravo fan, but these shows are so ridiculously drummed-up-drama-packed that I should be embarrassed to watch them.  I’m not.   With Vanderpump Rules, I just like seeing how all the Sur-real in-fighting pans out.  But with Courtney, I see this young, talented girl hung up on this jerky guy, and I just want to shake her.  And then go handbag shopping together.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer (Red): Skeptical at first, I. love. this. stuff.  It gets me through the unnatural gray growth that comes from my scalp in between hair appointments.

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes: Their noxious smell is overpowering at first, but I’ve gotten used to them.  They’re kinda awesome in a house where the newly potty trained toddler likes to empty her own little potty into the big toilet.

The Valley Girl Soundtrack: I had “Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime)” stuck in my head, and wanted to hear the song.  But I lost my original iTunes music folder and sold my original CD in the garage sale.  iTunes doesn’t sell it and Amazon’s offerings are sketchy, so my totally tubular hubs located a copy for me.  It’s retrotastic, fer sure!